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Best Solution For Hair Loss In Men


Male pattern baldness can start from the age of about 15-25 years of age. This hair loss is generally hereditary and is also caused by action of hormones on the hair follicles. The hormone Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is usually found in males and directly acts on the hair follicles on the head and reduces the size of the follicle. The shrunken, damaged hair follicle becomes unable to produce hair. Other causes of hair loss in men can be the rising levels of pollution, stressed lifestyle and exposure to harmful chemicals.

Hair Loss Solution For Natural Results

Kaya’s hair loss solution for men is infused with plasma rich platelet therapy to naturally stimulate hair growth. In this therapy your own platelet rich plasma is injected in areas that show hair loss. It is an effective non-surgical treatment that is quick and completely safe. It restores hair quickly as it uses your own growth factors and gives effective results. Kaya’s Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy revives the health of the shrunken follicles and promotes hair growth from these follicles.

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