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Best Skin Care Regime For The Winter Season

Best Skin Care Regime For The Winter Season

Our skin has a way of communicating with us. If we pay attention, we can know a lot of things. It instantly picks up on any environmental changes around us. So as winter is about to set upon us, our skin starts becoming dry, wrinkled and dull. That is an indication for us to start taking extra care of our skin during the winters. We tell you which skin care products to add to your skin care regimen this winter.

For Your Face

As the winter weather leaves our skin dry, it becomes more prone to aging. And before you know it, you start showing fine lines and wrinkles on the face. Kaya Derma Stemness Benefactor is the best anti-aging cream out there. It is a plant stem inspired luxurious cream that promotes the natural regenerative capabilities of the skin cells for tighter, elastic, younger-looking skin on face.

For The Rest Of The Body

The harsh winter weather strips your skin of its essential oils leaving it damaged and dry. Kaya Intense Hydration Body Lotion comes with a unique combination of Shea and Kokum butter. This combination provides essential nourishment and moisture that the skin requires to maintain the soft and supple texture. The water-lock formula, minimizes water loss from the skin helping it keep hydrated all day long.

For Your Elbows And Heels

Using regular skin care products is not enough in certain conditions. In cases of cracked heels and dry elbows, the skin is thick and calloused and difficult to treat. Kaya Deep Nourish Elbow & Foot Cream is a luxurious deep nourishing formula enriched with Shea and Coconut oil that invigorates sore, tired feet and the thick skin around the elbows and knees. This cracked heel cream and elbow cream is especially useful in winter where the chances of skin dryness are higher than normal.

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