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Best Laser Hair Removal Technology For Indian Skin Type

Best Laser Hair Removal Technology For Indian Skin Type

Body hair is a sensitive subject to most people, as it makes you feel self conscious. But this issue is of the past due to the advances made in technology. Now there are laser hair removal technologies which give you a smooth, hair free skin. However, most people are misinformed about the laser hair removal technology and that is why they don’t opt for this solution. Read further, to understand the truth behind it.

Misconceptions About Laser Hair Removal Technology

It Is Painful

A common belief is that laser hair removal is painful, and while it is true that it does cause some discomfort, it isn’t painful like it has been advertised to be. It actually hurts less than other hair removal methods like waxing.

You Are Exposed To Harmful Radiation

People have become sceptical about laser hair removal because they think that it exposes you to harmful radiation. But the FDA approved technologies do not harm your skin in any way, as they don’t emit radiation.

It Isn’t Safe

The thought of safety should always come first on your mind before exposing your skin to anything, and laser hair removal that is done by qualified dermatologists is safe and helpful.

It’s Expensive

Another misconception is that laser hair removal is expensive. But, the cost of getting rid of your body hair in one go actually saves your money by cutting the monthly expenditure on other hair removal methods for the rest of your life.

Best Hair Removal Technology For Indian Skin

The most important thing to remember before getting your body hair lasered is to go to a certified dermatologist and laser your hair only through an FDA approved method like Kaya Hair Free Gentle Touch. The dermatologists at Kaya have specifically made it safe for Indian skin type. There are certified laser therapists who are supervised by the dermatologists, and they go through a thorough process where they understand your skin type and hair growth. Then they test the laser hair removal method on a small area on your skin before customising the service as per your needs, to give you soft and hair free skin.

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