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Best Hair Removal Methods for Women

We are not sure how it started and whether it is for good or bad, people, especially women, started to remove their body hair regularly. This helps them in looking attractive and being at ease with themselves without having to worry about the body hair. Since it is a routine, there are several techniques one might want to use for different body parts and face. But before we get to the techniques we must know there are different body parts for women that require hair removal.
  •  Legs

  •  Arms

  •  Underarms

  •  Bikini area

  •  Upper lips

  •  Eyebrows

  •  Facial hair

  •  Chin

Each of the above mentioned body areas are different from each other and require different treatment. Some of these body parts have soft hair while the other have coarse hair. This means the techniques for hair removal will differ for them. Below we will perform the SWOT analysis of all the techniques and see how they suit different types of hair and body parts.



Threading Procedure

This is done by holding the strings along the fingers and twisting them in such a way that it cuts through the hair, mainly facial hair.

Areas to treat

Facial, nose, eye brows, chin, upper and lower lip.

Threading Cost :

Hardly costs anything except for a thread.

How long the effect lasts :

Hair grows back in a 5-6 days

Side effects of shaving :

It can cause redness, skin inflammation, and can aggravate acne issues

Tips & Precautions :

Threading can cause a little pain, so be prepared for it if threading on a dry surface. Take a warm wash before threading. While threading eye brows, comb the eye brows and mark an outline with the eyebrow marker. Sprinkle some powder before starting and keep the threads away from skin.

Hair Removal Cream/Depilatory


Procedure to use hair removal cream

These are lotions or creams which are applied on the skin. The cream dissolves the hair when kept for a few minutes. Then hair is removed by rubbing the targeted area with a washing cloth.

Areas to treat

Upper lips, bikini area and underarms.

How long the effect lasts :

Short-lived effects as the hair regrowth may begin in 3-4 days

Hair removal cream Cost :

Not very expensive but can be expensive if it is to be used for larger areas such as legs as the extra cream will be required.

Hair removal cream Side effects

May cause slight irritation to skin and trigger allergic reactions

Tips & Precautions :

Check well before using a cream and test on inner elbow to see if it’s causing a reaction. Wait for an appropriate time before washing off the cream.




Hair is pulled out of the hair follicles.

Areas to treat

Legs, arms, underarms and bikini area.

How long the effect of epilator last:

Skin remains smooth upto 3-4 weeks

Epilator Cost :

It is an expensive material, may cost upto $50-75

Side effects of epilator

Slow process, can only work on longer hair (slightly longer than usual). Cant remove a bunch of hair together.

Tips & Precautions :

Keep some good time handy as it will take time. Always do it at the end of day as it may cause redness and slight irritation. Might cause pain so brace up for it. Have a shower and don’t forget to exfoliate the skin.



Waxing Procedure

Warm and melted wax is applied on the targeted area of the body with strips and then pulled off in a different direction.

Areas to treat

Legs, arms, bikini area, eye brows and upper lips

How long the effect lasts :

Upto 3-4 weeks

Cost :

The accumulated cost would be around $15-20 if done at home. If done at a parlour or a salon, it might go up from $35-50.

Side effects of waxing

Waxing can leave you susceptible to bacterial infection so please ensure that the waxing stick, with the wax is applied on the body, being used is not a shared one in order to avoid any infection. It can cause pain and irritation as the waxing strip is pulled with a sudden jerk.

Tips & Precautions for waxing :

Only to be done when the hair is upto 5mm long. Moisturize the area well before applying wax. Ensure that wax isn’t hot but only warm and don’t let it dry after it has been applied.

Laser hair removal:


Laser hair removal procedure:

Laser hair removal removes the hair by shooting a laser beam through the skin and removes the hair from the root.

Areas to treat:

Under arms, legs, arms, bikini area, facial hair and chin hair

How long the effect of laser hair removal last:

Usually permanent, but some cases have seen hair regrowth.

Laser hair removal cost:

Very expensive and can cost upto $500 for hair removal of a small area. Involves multiple sessions so it makes the cost go much higher.

Laser hair removal side effects:

It comes with a risk of slight redness on the skin, swelling and sensitive skin for a little while after the procedure is done. Since the laser beam is used in the treatment, it can leave blisters, scars and may lead to slight change in colour of the target skin area.

Tips & Precautions:

It is to be done in regular sessions. Always go for a professionally certified dermatologist or a cosmetic surgeon. Consult well before accepting the treatment. Avoid tanning and don’t get hair removed from the root before getting into laser hair removal. Avoid consumption of caffeinated drinks 24-48 hours prior to start. Start with a clean and well shaved skin.




A mild electric current is passed through to hair follicle with the help of a sharp needle to destroy the regenerative cells.

Areas to treat:

Electrolysis is good for small to medium targeted areas, such as face mainly upper lips, chin and eyebrows.

How long the effect lasts :

This is the only hair removal method which can officially be called a permanent hair removal technique.

Electrolysis cost :

Expensive procedure and can cost up to $90 per treatment. It involves several months of complete treatment course so the total cost can be very high.

Electrolysis side effects:

It can be painful and may result in swollen skin post treatment. May result in small scars at the area where the needle is inserted.

Tips & Precautions:

Avoid being exposed to sun for at least 48 hours prior to treatment and drink a lot of water. Keep your skin hydrated and well moisturized, and keep away from caffeine before treatment. If you feel like, pop in a mild pain reliever to reduce any pain whatsoever. Keep your stomach filled as the session might get a little longer.

Hair removal treatment at Kaya


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