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Best Hair Care Guide For Beginners

Best Hair Care Guide For Beginners

Everyone wants to have thick, healthy hair, but most people don’t think about their hair care very often. Not knowing the ill effects of their actions, they continue damaging their hair. It is necessary to take good care of your hair with the proper steps. After all getting beautiful hair needs a bit of time and patience.

Kaya’s Root Regen Products are developed by dermatologists to make your roots stronger and is the best solution for hair fall. The regime for hair care for beginners is quite simple. Keep reading further to understand the steps.

Nurture Your Hair

Your hair needs certain nutrients to grow healthy. Oiling your hair prevents your scalp from being dry and itchy. Kaya  Scalp Nourishing Oil  gives your hair the nourishment it needs. Massaging the oil into your scalp helps with the blood circulation which is beneficial to getting healthier hair.

Pro Tip- Oil your hair for 20/30 minutes before you wash it or leave it overnight.

Keep It Clean

Washing your hair can be a pain, but it helps remove the dirt stuck on your hair and lets your scalp breathe. Kaya Scalp Revitalizing Shampoo helps to naturally exfoliate your scalp without making it dry, enabling it to be able to breathe.

Pro Tip- Don’t shampoo your hair every day, but every alternate day.

Moisturize Your Hair

After shampooing your scalp, you need to make sure your hair cuticles are sealed. Conditioner helps seal the nutrients so that you can have smooth hair. Kaya Deep Conditioning Masque prevents hair fall and gives you healthier hair. It also protects your hair from any external damage.

Pro Tip- Use it every time you shampoo and do not apply it to your roots.

Give It Final Protection

Hair serums help to lock in the smooth texture of your hair. Kaya Hair Protection Serum moisturises and protects your hair by making it stronger and not letting it break easily. It makes your hair shiny and smooth.

Pro Tip- Apply the serum before styling your hair to protect it from the heat.

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