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Benefits of using a hair serum

Benefits of using a hair serum

They prevent your hair from dryness and also detangle it, thus making it easier to manage as well. Some hair serums even have UV protection to prevent hair from sun damage.

Hair serums have silicone, amino acids and ceramides which keep the hair frizz-free. It brings shine and lustre to dull and dry hair and forms a protective layer on the hair and also prevents hair loss when you use hot tools for styling.

You can always apply hair serum post the hair wash when your hair is in semi-dry condition. Some serums can also be used on dry hair. Always use hair serum on the strands of the hair and not on the scalp. Let’s see the advantages of hair serum.

Protection against UV rays

Some of the hair serums available in the market are enhanced with UV protection properties. Through the day, mostly while travelling, our hair is constantly exposed to the sun and therefore such serums can prove helpful in providing the much needed protection.


Most of us who are averse to the idea of using oil do not like how over-oiling can create greasy-looking hair. It also gathers the pollutants and dust. Hair serums can be a good alternative as they act as conditioning agents, lock in moisture and take care of rough and frizzy hair.

Prevents damage

Always consult a hair expert before choosing a hair serum. Once the serum is applied, use a brush to spread the serum evenly over your hair. Always use mild shampoos to wash your hair. Kaya’s Hair Nourishing Shampoo is enriched with Hibiscus extracts to add lustre to your hair. Almond oil strengthens it from within, reducing hair breakage. Regular use will make your hair soft and shiny. To know more visit:

Always apply small amount of hair serum to mid lengths and ends of the hair. Too much of it will make your hair look greasy and you will be unable to style it.  

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