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Benefits of Applying Anti-Aging Creams at Night

Benefits of Applying Anti-Aging Creams at Night

As you sleep peacefully every night, your skin is busy at work; and while you drift away into dreamland it is in repair mode, acting with dexterity to repair and replenish itself for the next day. At night, cell turnover increases and new skin cells grow to replace older ones, leaving your skin refreshed and glowing. This is because the human growth hormone, which is essential for healing all of the body’s cells and tissues, is released while you’re in a deep sleep. Added to that, cortisol levels decrease, blood supply increases and metabolic rate rises - thus restoring you both internally and externally.

A good night’s sleep is elixir for the body. It is nourishing and rejuvenating and ensures that you look your best the next morning. Studies have shown that sleep-deprived skin ages faster, and compromising on those 7 to 8 hours of shut eye at night leaves your skin looking tired and aged.

While you are sleeping, absorption of nutrients is also its peak. So why not help your skin out while it is busy at work, repairing and renewing itself? As your skin regenerates itself at night, it is the ideal time to apply skin care products that work their magic while you sleep. These products work better at night when your body is at rest. Also, certain anti-ageing products and ingredients like retinol and AHAs can make skin more sensitive to the sun or even get toxic when exposed to sunlight, making it essential to be used only once the sun sets.

Kaya has designed some overnight restorative products that will help you get prettier in your sleep. Let’s take a look at these wonders: 

Overnight skin replenisher, Super orange bloom

This light, rich-textured cream is a potent mix of multi-vitamins B3-B5, A, C and E. Specially formulated to work at night, it not only aids in repairing dull and stressed skin but also improves skin texture and enhances clarity to deliver a glowing complexion. The cream is suitable for all skin types and gives enhanced results when used along with the Skin wakening gel.  

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Nourishing night cream with anti-oxidants

The Nourishing Night Cream works wonders overnight to give you notably lighter complexion the next morning. While the potent, whitening active Azelaic Acid ingredient delivers lighter and brighter skin, extracts of Imperata Cylindrica helps restore moisture balance, and anti oxidant Vitamin C fights free radicals. The result is fairer and luminous skin. 

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Overnight brightening nourisher, White resilience

This light cream is made using a combination of Nourishing skin whitening and youth renewing actives. Adding to that is the Purple Orchid & Japanese Cherry extract which is a rich source of bio-flavonoids (Vitamin P) that helps the skin to mend faster. The cream helps in improving skin elasticity and protecting collagen breakdown to deliver youthful, luminous, smooth and flawless skin. 

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