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Beauty products every woman must have

Beauty products every woman must have

A good hair brush

Do throw away your cheap hair brush and invest in a quality product. The best hair  brush is one with boar bristles. It will be a huge favour for your hair. For best results,  buy a brush that has boar as well as synthetic bristles. The combination is perfect.  While boar bristles will be gentle on your hair, the synthetic ones will help your hair  to dry quicker. 

Kaya’s Complexion Perfector Cream

  You are lucky if you are blessed with nice skin, you can just do away with the  foundation. But, women should invest in a product that helps her have instant  coverage and even out the skin tone. Kaya’s Complexion Perfector Cream is specially  put together after meticulous research and development by dermatologists to meet  the needs of all skin types and give you all in one skin benefits. The CC cream  instantly conceals blemishes, decreases fine lines and leaves your skin looking and  feeling smooth. It contains Imperita Cylindrica which moisturizes and hydrates your  skin giving it an instant glow. To know more visit:


It is a ‘must-have’ irrespective of rain or sun and we know you are tired of hearing  about it. But trust us, it also prevents premature aging. You need to protect your skin  from sun damage as it takes a toll on the skin. Kaya’s Daily Use Sunscreen SPF 15  Protects against both UV-A and UV-B rays while also adequately hydrating the skin  without making it sticky. With Ultra Boot Star rating of 5, it offers the highest  possible UV-A protection against tanning and ageing due to sun exposure. Check it  out:


You might go wrong with using the wrong lipstick shade, but with good mascara, you  can never go wrong. Mascara will awaken your eyes and make you look all natural. Go  for lengthening mascara if you have short eyelashes and if you have thin eyelashes  opt for thickening mascara. 

A good cleanser

Most of the times, not using a good face cleanser is the root cause of skin issues.  Invest in a cleanser that is formulated for your skin type. Invest in a cleanser that is  gentle on your skin, removes all the dirt and unclogs your pores. Kaya’s Face Cleanser  for Sensitive Skin is a perfume-free, hypoallergenic and soap-free cleanser that gently  cleanses your sensitive skin without causing dryness or irritation. To know more:


Every women needs to have a moisturizer even if she has an oily skin. The reason is  that it helps the skin to balance out the oils. It hydrates and protects the skin from  external damage. It helps in improving skin texture and prevents premature aging.  Kaya’s Anytime Moisturizing Cream with Jojoba Oil is a light moisturising cream that  minimizes water loss from the skin and keeps it soft and supple and provides essential  nourishment to the skin. To know more: online/anytime-moisturizing-cream These products are bare essentials and every woman must invest in them. Hope these  products will help enhance your beauty.

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