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Beauty hacks you should know

Beauty hacks you should know

Quick Dry

It is a hassle when you are in a hurry and the beauty products do not dry and set in. Moisturizers, toners and makeup products need to dry before you begin the next step. But alas, time is not on your side. In such times a hairdryer definitely comes in as a handy solution. Set the dryer on the coolest setting and dry the areas where the product is still to set. Do not ever use the hot setting on your skin.


Your skin is vulnerable to external factors and you put your face through some harsh times with a variety of products. Therefore, moisturizing is important for a healthy skin. Always moisturize your skin after cleaning your face. If you feel your skin taut and stretchy, it means it has very less moisture. So ladies please moisturize your skin daily. Kaya’s Multi-Action Skin Revitalizing Cream improves skin’s elasticity and firmness, evens skin tone & enhances luminosity. It helps reduce appearance of fine lines. To know more visit

Nail Art

Want to dry your nail paint quicker? Fill a bowl with ice cold water (do not put ice as it will rub against your nail paint and ruin it), once you done with your nail art/paint; wait a minute and dip your fingers in the water. This will harden the nail paint faster and also it will stay on your nails for a longer duration.


Eyeliners are a part of every woman’s beauty kit, however using them correctly is always difficult. To enhance the colour of your eyes and to make you look alert, use white liner in the inner corner of your eye and on the waterline. Erasing eyeliners can get messy, right? Use a cotton swab dipped in some petroleum jelly and remove the excess of eyeliner. Also in case you are running low on eyeliner, dip your eyeliner brush into mascara and use it on your eyes.


Lipstick is a stunning product, yet it never stays on your lips as long as you want! Don’t worry, there is a trick to make your lipstick last long. After you have applied your lipstick, place a tissue over your lips and very gently add pressed or translucent powder on top of the tissue. Then remove the tissue carefully and bingo—your lipstick is sealed on your lips!

Do not want to carry too many makeup products? Lipstick will come to your rescue. Besides applying to your lips, apply lipstick to your cheekbone and to your brow bone. Rub your fingers in gentle strokes for a subtle colour glow.

Another way to put lipstick to a good use is to use it as a concealer. Go for a red or orange shade. Apply some with a brush under your eyes. Post that, apply your normal concealer. Your face will look fresh and dewy.

Do you have any beauty tricks up your sleeve? Please do share with us.  

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