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Are You Using The Right Ingredients In Your Home Remedies?

Are You Using The Right Ingredients In Your Home Remedies?

Have you turned towards home remedies with an intention of solving your skin concerns? If so, beware! Although they may be a cheaper option, these remedies may turn out to be major troublemakers for your skin. Here are some ways in which home remedies can damage your skin.

How Do Home Remedies Harm Skin?

Allergic Reaction

Have you woken up with a rash on your face? If so, then that’s certainly the aftermath of applying a home-made face pack! Home remedies can be prepared using a combination of different ingredients which makes it difficult to identify which element might leave your skin distressed. Sometimes, such ingredients may leave behind, extreme reactions like rashes, red spots or skin irritation.

Dry Skin

Have you been constantly smearing fuller’s earth (Multani Mitti) on your face? Is so, then there are chances, it will make your skin dry as dust! Some ingredients over exfoliate your skin and wash away the natural oils that skin pores secrete. Overusing these ingredients adds up to the dryness of your skin.

Acne Outbursts

If you’ve been considering that home remedies always work towards cleansing your skin then you’re absolutely wrong! Massaging your face with home remedies containing essential oils can make them slide down into your pores and settle there. This can give rise to an increase in acne population on your face.

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