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Are You Harming Your Skin Unconsciously?

Are You Harming Your Skin Unconsciously?

When it comes to our skin, we are ready to handle it with utmost care. We make use of all the possible skincare products that help us in safeguarding the youthfulness of our skin but yet notice the arrival of wrinkles and fine lines! Don't understand why this happens? Here’s how we harm our skin unconsciously.

What Are Dynamic Wrinkles?

If you’ve been thinking that wrinkles will show up on your skin only after your body is old and tired then you’re wrong! Premature wrinkles can make their way onto your skin due to a very petty reason; Facial expressions! Yes, wrinkles can appear on your face due to facial expressions like constant frowning, smiling, squinting, etc. These wrinkles that are formed by facial gestures are called dynamic wrinkles. Although these wrinkles may fade away, your skin might make them permanent overtime.

What Are Static Wrinkles?

As time passes, many internal and external factors lower the production of collagen which is needed to keep your skin flexible. With a reduced level of collagen, your skin loses its elasticity and gives rise to wrinkles. Such wrinkles that are formed when skin naturally fails to bounce back are called static wrinkles.

Is It Possible To Reduce Wrinkles?

Be it dynamic or static, Kaya has a solution to reduce any kind of wrinkle that makes an appearance on your face. The Kaya Youth Brilliance is a service that is developed to target the early signs of ageing. This service is a combination of specialized services and products that include highly effective ingredients and technology. Pro Youth Plus is one of the core peels that is used in youth brilliance. This unique peel effectively diminishes the advent of fine lines and wrinkles, restoring your skin to its younger and smoother look.

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