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Are Skin Services At Parlours Safe, Clean & Expert-Driven?

Are Skin Services At Parlours Safe, Clean & Expert-Driven?

Don’t we just love to pamper our skin with all the professional skincare services offered at parlours? But what if these skin services are an invitation for skin problems? You read it right! A visit to the parlour can turn out to be a major threat to your skin. Here are a few reasons why you should think twice before booking your next appointment at a parlour.

Why Are Skin Services At Parlours Not Safe?

Lack Of Sterilization

Doesn’t it feel great to sit back and enjoy a nice manicure? But what if this manicure is the cause of a fungal nail infection? Yes! If your go-to parlour ladies don’t use a proper method to disinfect their tools before reusing them, it can damage your skin in many ways. These tools need to be sanitized as often as possible to keep your skin safe from infectious diseases.

Lack Of Safety

Has your acne outburst intensified since your last facial? If so, chances are that the cream used on your skin was not meant for your skin type! Many a time, skin services offered at parlours are recommended without understanding the texture and sensitivity of your skin. This can aggravate your skin troubles or even give rise to new skin inflammations.  

Lack Of Expertise

Are you in safe hands when you’re offered skin services at a parlour? The lack of professional expertise at parlours can have disastrous effects on your skin. Ignoring your parlour-lady’s inexperience can make your skin prone to allergic reactions, skin burns, hyperpigmentation and even skin rashes.

Is There A Better Solution?

Kaya is one place that addresses all your skin concerns with foolproof safety precautions. The team at Kaya consists of expert dermatologists and trained beauty therapists. The experts at Kaya understand Indian skin and hair type thus, recommend solutions accordingly. The first step at Kaya begins with the assessment of your skin problem. Once the issue is identified, these experts create a customized solution as per your skin type.

Put an end to the chances of catching skin infections by booking an appointment at Kaya immediately!

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