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Are Natural Remedies Effective For Dandruff

Are Natural Remedies Effective For Dandruff

Time and again, most of us have feared wearing a black tee due to our shoulders being dusted with white flakes. No wonder flaunting a dandruff free scalp is everyone’s desire. You may have even turned towards natural remedies to toss out these white flakes but has it made the condition any better? Don’t worry! We know exactly why dandruff is not letting you alone and thus we’re here to offer you the best solution!

Causes Of Dandruff

If you’re guessing why dandruff has been a permanent resident on your scalp then there may be something that you are doing wrong.

Over Shampooing: Too much shampooing washes away the natural oil produced by the scalp and makes it too dry. One the other hand, not washing your hair at all, accumulates this oil, making the scalp prone to a dandruff attack!

Improper Diet: When your diet doesn’t supply essential nutrients to the scalp, it becomes dry and flaky.

Sensitivity: Sometimes the scalp may be sensitive to certain ingredients present in the hair products that you use, which makes the scalp itchy and parched.

Are Natural Remedies Helpful?

Eggs, neem, honey and what not! Making hair masks using such ingredients to get rid of dandruff may seem to be too fancy but it is in fact a big risk on your part. A scalp covered with dandruff might actually be a major concern and using such ‘natural remedies’ can intensify the flaky condition. Your scalp may also be allergic to some of these ingredients, which in turn can aggravate dandruff.

Is There An Effective Solution?

If you think there is no end to your dandruff problem, Kaya has got your back. The Kaya Scalp Purify And Balance Therapy is an effective dandruff treatment that gently cleans and nourishes the scalp and energizes the roots. It is a unique blend of natural oils that give your hair an instant shine and frizz control.

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