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Anti-Aging Routine That Is Perfect For You

Anti-Aging Routine That Is Perfect For You

It’s become easier to get youthful, wrinkle-free and spotless skin with the number of available treatments. We all wish to at least age gracefully, if not look young forever! And what better than to stop the advancing signs of aging from early on? After all Prevention Is Better Than Cure! Gear up to get beautiful, flawless skin with using these anti-aging  products we recommend.

Derma Wrinkle Repair Serum

Inspired by break through research in Plant Stem cells, Youth Advance was born to fight skin ageing right at its root. Using the extract of stem cells from Argan tree, one of the oldest and the rarest plant species found in the world and selected for its exceptional ability to protect and reinforce the regenerative capability of skin cells. Developed by Kaya Dermatologists, the Kaya Derma Wrinkle Repair Serum  has collagen and HA which mimics the natural collagen produced by our skin, creates a protective layer around the skin by filling the skin cells. Apply in 3 steps- 1. Clean the face and pat dry, 2. Apply 2-3 drops on face and neck, 3. Massage gently using finger tips.

Kaya Derma Stemness Reviving Serum

Kaya Derma Stemness Reviving Serum  helps protect skin's regenerative cells. This intense oil-free formula contains Argan Plant Stem cells with advanced liposome technology that helps penetrate the active to the hard-to-reach skin's regenerative cells to accelerate the skin's natural repair process. Skin is said to be tightened, firmed and deeply rejuvenated with a youthful radiance. Use daily at night.

Kaya Absolute Repair Concentrate

Delay the signs of ageing with Kaya Absolute Repair Concentrate . Containing Glycosaminoglycan (GAG) Complex, this non-oily formulation penetrates deep into the skin and prevents collagen breakdown. Glycosaminoglycan complex or GAG Complex’s primary role is to maintain and support collagen, elasticity hence, prevent collagen level from breaking down. This formula moisturizes the skin, reduces fine lines and increases skin firmness & elasticity. It also promotes the ability of the collagen and elastic fibres to retain moisture.

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