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Botox Treatment for Wrinkles



Also known as Botulinum Toxin Type A, Botox is formed from the bacteria which cause botulism. The Botulinum toxin causes a reduction in muscle activity temporarily by blocking the nerve activity in the muscles. Botox is known to be used for the treatment of cervical dystonia and muscle spasms in the upper and lower limbs as well. It is also used in treating severe underarm sweating. Certain eye conditions which have been caused due to nerve disorders are also treated using Botox. Overactive bladder and incontinence caused due to nerve disorders like spinal cord injury etc. are also treated using it. Botox is also used in cosmetic procedures to temporarily reduce facial wrinkles.


Wrinkles are one of the most notable signs of aging. There are two most common types of wrinkles.

Dynamic Wrinkles :

When you smile, laugh or squint, the facial that move cause dynamic wrinkles. This type of wrinkles can be found around the lips, on the forehead and in-between the eyebrows. They are also called as “crow’s feet” when they form at the corner of your eyelids. Dynamic wrinkles are present in everyone and with age they become more prominent. The use of Botox reduces the visibility of these wrinkles.

Very Fine Lines and Wrinkles :

When the collagen in the skin starts to thin these fine lines and wrinkles begin to appear. The protein just beneath and deep within the layers on the skin is called collagen. The thinning of the collagen is caused due to aging and damage caused due to overexposure to the sun. These fine wrinkles are caused when the skin on your face stretches and sags. When the botulinum toxin injections are given it can reduce the appearance of these fine lines.
Botox Treatment for Anti Aging of Skin


It is important to be prepared before going in for the Botox treatment and also while the treatment is being administered. If this is your first Botox treatment, inform your doctor so that he/she will be able to gauge the potential reaction to the treatment for better long term results.


Here are few tips to keep in mind to ensure a good and safe experience:
  • Select a Knowledgeable Doctor :

    It is important to choose a doctor who is well experienced and certified by an official board to perform such treatments. The skill and technique of the doctor who injects the Botox decides the course and experience of the treatment. It is important to do thorough research and find a doctor who specializes in facial anatomy. It is also ideal to consult more than one doctor before availing the treatment.
  • Transparency with the Doctor :

    It is important to be transparent with the doctor about your medical history. This will help the doctor to decide if you are an ideal candidate for the treatment and administer it safely. Before receiving the cosmetic Botox make your doctor aware of the following:
    • Any medications, supplements, or herbs you are taking.
    •  Any history of forms of allergies.
    •  If you are suffering from any medical conditions, illnesses or diseases.
    •  If you have or intent to have any medical procedures, such as surgeries, other Botox treatment etc.
    •  If you are pregnant, breast-feeding, or trying to conceive.
  • Confirm the Botox Treatment is the Right One :

    Make sure when discussing with your doctor, you decide on the right treatment for your skin. An experienced Botox injector will be able to better inform you what results the treatment can and cannot deliver. If getting fillers only is more than enough instead of the Botox treatment, then discuss this with your doctor and come to an agreement.
  • Be on the Same Page as Your Doctor :

    It is important that there is clarity about the treatment. Discuss with your doctor what the ideal results would look like as different people have different facial aesthetics. Make sure you and your doctor are aiming for the same target and desiring the same results from this treatment.
  • Ask Questions :

    If you have any questions regarding the treatment, make sure to ask your doctor. Make a list of questions you would like to ask your doctor, such as cost of the treatment, duration of the treatment etc.

During Botox Treatment :

Here are a few tips you can use during the treatment to ensure a safe and good treatment experience.
  • Be Natural :

    When you arrive for the treatment make sure to arrive without any makeup on. Before the treatment begins your skin will be cleaned using a rubbing alcohol or any antiseptic, so feel free to show up for the appointment bare face.
  • Stay Still and Pay Attention:

    Make sure not to fidget in the chair during the treatment. Pay attention and follow the instructions of the doctor during the treatment for the best results.
  • Use an Ice Pack :

    The potential signs of bruising due to the treatment can be easily reduced by using a pack of ice before and during the treatment.


Taking into consideration the dosage, frequency of the Botox treatment and the variety of clinical conditions treated, the Botulinum toxin has been proved to be successful and valuable as a therapeutic protein.
The Botulinum toxin is injected in extremely small doses. The powder is first diluted in saline and is directly injected into the neuromuscular tissue. The Botulinum toxin takes 24-72 hours to take effect. This also reflects the time required for the synaptosomal process to be disrupted. In case of very rare circumstances for the full effect of the botulinum toxin to be noticed it may take at least 5 days. The usage of this toxin is not advised for pregnant or lactating women, or by those who have experienced allergic reactions to the drug previously.
The Botulinum toxin works by preventing the signals from the nerve cells to reach the muscles. This effectively leaves the muscles from contracting, which causes them to paralyze. In order to contract the muscles, the nerves release the chemical acetylcholine at the meeting point of the nerve endings and the muscle cells. Acetylcholine, the chemical messenger, attaches itself to the receptors of the muscle cells, which causes the muscle cells to contract or shorten. The release of acetylcholine is restricted once the Botulinum toxin has been injected. This results in preventing the muscle cells from contracting. The muscles become less stiff as the effect of the toxin causes the abnormal muscle contraction to reduce. The Botulinum toxin is primarily used in the Botox Treatment to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and other facial lines in older adults. Other than for aesthetic purposes the Botulinum toxin is also used to treat more than 20 different types of medical conditions.


The ideal candidate for the Botox treatment has to be in excellent physical health and above 18 years of age. The degree of effectiveness of the treatment may vary from one patient to another.


It is important to take care of your skin after the Botox treatment. Here are a few tips on taking care of your skin:

Do Not Touch the Treated Area:

For at least 24 hours, do not touch the area which has been treated. Massaging or rubbing the treated area might lead the Botox to spread to other unintended muscles.

No Heavy Physical Activity :

Avoid participating in any form of arduous physical activity.

No Alcohol :

Avoid consumption of alcohol in large amounts.

No Chemical Peel :

For the next 24 hours after the treatment, avoid getting any form of facial or chemical peels done.

Consult your Doctor if Necessary :

If you experience any side effects call your doctor immediately.


Due to its various benefits, many men and women opt for the Botox treatment to improve their facial aesthetics. Here are a few of its benefits:

Non-surgical Solution for Lines & Wrinkles :

Many women want to experience flawless skin without the aid of surgical enhancement. Invasive in nature, the Botox treatment can help to treat wrinkles and fine lines on your forehead, neck, and around the mouth.

Decreases Excessive Sweating:

Many men and women suffer from excessive under arm sweating which causes a lot of embarrassment. A simple treatment using Botox can help to treat this and minimize the regularity of this problem.

May Reduce Migraines :

Few patients have reported a decrease in the in their migraine headaches. This then can be beneficial for those who suffer from chronic headaches.


To improve the appearance of moderate to severe frown lines and crow’s feet lines, Botox is the only approved treatment. Being one of the most extensively researched medical aesthetic treatments, it is now a trusted and reliable treatment. Due to its significant results in improving the facial aesthetics, it is widely used by people all around the world.


Botox Treatment  Before and After effects on Skin
As a result of the Botox treatment the expression muscles which cause wrinkles are relaxed. The wrinkles over time fade out or disappear completely and make your skin smooth again.


Kaya Skin Clinic uses a specialized Botox treatment for treating wrinkles and fine lines. The Youth Boost Services uses the plasma from your own body rich in platelets to naturally rejuvenate the area of delicate skin around your eyes. This helps to reduce dark circles and fine lines around your eyes. The platelets from the plasma are known to release ‘growth factors’. These ‘growth factors’ stimulates the production of collagen which in turn gives your younger and healthier skin. This service has been approved by the FDA as the safest non-invasive service which can rejuvenate the delicate areas around your eyes making it appear fresh and healthier. This is a natural service which uses the platelets from your own body, due to which it has no real down time and minimal side effectsTo make sure your skin remains young, kaya's anti aging treatment is the way to go



What happens if a dose is missed?

The effect of the Botox treatment is temporary. The treatment is performed after wide intervals, due to this if a dose is missed it will not cause any harm.

What happens in case of an overdose?

The effects of an overdose are not immediately noticed. It may include signs such as muscle weakness, trouble swallowing, and weak or shallow breathing. To avoid any form of overdose, the dermatologists at Kaya take extreme care.

Can other medication affect the drug?

The side effects of Botulinum toxin can be increased due to other medication. Medication for cold & allergy, muscle relaxers, sleeping pills, bladder or urinary medications, etc. can affect the toxin. To be cautious, mention the names of the medication being currently used to the doctor.
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