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An Apple A Day Keeps Hair Loss Away

An Apple A Day Keeps Hair Loss Away

An apple a day keeps….hair loss away! Surprised, aren’t you? Well, it’s true. Just like an apple a day keeps your doctor away, it also helps keep hair loss at bay. But how can you add apple to your hair care regime? The goodness of apple extracts are used in Kaya’s Root Regen System. Read on to get the best hair care tips for you.

Don’t Just Eat Those Apples

While we all know the various benefits apples have, their role in hair care regime is still not widely known. So don’t just eat those apples for staying healthy, wash your hair with the wholesome quality of apples to get healthy hair too.

It’s A Magical Concoction

Apple benefits, as we all know, are plenty. But when the uses of apple are blended with a unique combination of basil root, sugarcane and lemon, sunflower seed and coconut oil the concoction is magical! It reduces hair fall and makes the hair roots stronger. This system repairs hair and restores their softness and natural shine with deep conditioning.

Complete The Regimen For A Silky Mane

The Kaya Root Regen System gives an entire set of products that complement each other. Use the Kaya Scalp Nourishing Oil, Kaya Scalp Revitalizing Shampoo, Deep Conditioning Masque and Kaya Hair Protect serum together to get beautiful hair.

Use these hair tips to get hair that will shine and fly!

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