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All You Need To Know About Q Switch Technology

All You Need To Know About Q Switch Technology

With Q-Switch Laser treatment, you can now eliminate your skin flaws and have close to flawless skin. It removes undesirable brown spots, freckles and even tattoos from your skin. It is easy to get that radiant skin you always dreamt about. Q-Switch treatment is safe and effective way to get that. It does not even cause discomfort and you can get back to your normal schedule right after the procedure.

It’s one of the most scientifically cutting-edge lasers. It is FDA approved and clinically proven for the removal of both superficial as well as skin deep blemishes.

It works by delivering clinical light, rapidly with powerful energy. The pulses will get soaked up by the treated skin, splitting the pigments into smaller pigments, which are then rejected by the body's natural system.

Your skin will end up looking even, glowing and clear after this laser procedure. The long-term benefits include decrease in damage caused by sun exposure, and increasing collagen in your skin.

Kaya’s Insta Clarity Laser is a solution for patchy skin tone and hyper-pigmentation. It is an innovative service that uses a FDA approved Q-Switched laser that is highly reliable for Indian skin to treat undesirable pigmentation and scars on your skin.

It rejuvenates the skin as it removes dead cells resulting in good skin exfoliation. It treats pigmentation by destroying the melanin found in the epidermis leaving behind a flawless skin. If you suffer from acne, the technology destroys the bacteria, reduces inflammation and cleans clogged pores. This helps to improve the skin texture.

Q-Switch laser generates an invisible ray of light that specially targets the brown pigment or melanin present in the dark spots without damaging the skin. The laser covers areas where products or peels  do not reach.

Insta Clarity Laser will be more effective with the use of our highly effective skin care products that enhance and protect your skin, to help give you a smooth and crystal complexion that you dreamt of.

Under the trained eye of our highly trained experts at Kaya Skin Clinic, you will get all the attention that your skin needs. You will get a restored and rejuvenated skin. At Kaya your skin will be in the best and most trustworthy hands. So why have an ordinary skin when you can have the most flawless and radiating skin? Take an appointment now. Visit:

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