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All About The New Kaya Clinics You Need To Know

All About The New Kaya Clinics You Need To Know

Looking naturally good is a must-do for all of us. However, using ordinary off-the-shelf products for this can do more damage than good to your skin and hair. Kaya successfully offers best skin and hair care solutions that enhance the look and feel of your skin beautifully. All of this takes place in our state-of-the-art and ambient clinics. Read on to find out more about our clinics and services!

Skin Care

Always wanted to sport flawless, healthy skin? Is pigmented, ageing skin worrying you? Worry no more, Kaya is at your service. Kaya offers a range of skin products, therapies, treatments, and even a hair removal service. You can avail everything from the Pigmentation Reduction System to Kaya Bridal to Age Arrest System for all your skin problems – early and advanced signs of ageing, pigmentation, tanning, fine lines, dark spots, excessive hair growth and so on.

Hair Care

Hair loss is nightmarish. Nothing is more frustrating than having hair problems and wasting time trying to reverse the damage. We have a solution for you – walk into your nearest Kaya Skin Clinic! We have therapies and treatments designed and formulated for every hair type and need. Kaya also offers the most trusted transplant solutions – the Kaya Hair Restore Expert Transplant Solutions. We also offer Hair Health Boost System and the Targeted Root Regen System as solutions to damaged hair texture and poor growth. Our focus in all our hair loss treatments is to target the root. If you keep your hair root strong and nourished, you will naturally eliminate all the problems.

About The Clinics

Kaya has more than 100 clinics spread all across India. The clinics are equipped with advanced technologies and expert personnel – all with the common objective of helping you look the way you desire to. Kaya recently opened two more clinics in Bangalore and Noida respectively! Click here to find the closest Kaya Skin Clinic to you.

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