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All About Kaya’s Wedding Rituals

All About Kaya’s Wedding Rituals

With your wedding bells ringing and the rush of the preparations in full swing, you often forget something really important – Yourself! Taking care of your skin and is the most essential part in your bridal regime, for getting that beautiful inner glow. These tips for your bridal skin care, will make you look exceptional on your big day!

Get Rid Of The Unwanted Body Hair

Removal of unwanted body hair is essential to get flawless, smooth skin. But a waxing, threading or shaving routine, will not guarantee totally hair-free skin. Kaya Hair Free Gentle Touch  uses highly safe technology to reduce hair from the roots, giving you hair-free skin without the hassle of monthly waxing or daily shaving.

Avoid The Sun-Tan

Avoid going out in the sun, unless absolutely necessary. If you have a tenacious tan, Kaya Insta Clarity Laser  is your solution. It can safely penetrate deep into the skin and remove the tan from the deeper layers. And in case of a superficial tan, Kaya Pigmentation Peels will give you brighter-looking skin instantly.

Get Healthy And Younger Looking Skin

Eating right and living right is essential to maintain the brilliance on your skin. Along with eating foods rich in vitamins and anti-oxidants, treating your skin to revive its youth is the best way to go. Kaya Natural Skin Rejuvenation With PRP , can rejuvenate your appearance by building the collagen levels for younger-looking skin. Kaya Dermal Fillers  tighten and firm the skin to help your skin look youthful.

Pamper Your Skin

Getting a regular facial is an absolute necessity, because of the pollution around us. Kaya Beauty Facials  offers a comprehensive range of facials for you to choose from. So now pamper your skin with an expert’s help for you wedding day.

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