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Acne Prone Skin Care Routine


Our skin is very vulnerable and is easily affected by what we eat and the environment we expose it to. We at Kaya have compiled a checklist so that the next time you shop for makeup or grooming ingredients, you can choose the right product so that your acne is not aggravated.

We at Kaya have created a quick guide of comedogenic ingredients to help you decide while buying any product. The right skin care will go a long way in successful management of acne. It is important that you keep the skin and hair (scalp) clean, to control oiliness and prevent excessive dryness that leads to dandruff . This is possible through a balanced skin care routine of cleansing, toning and moisturizing and judicious use of skin care products.




Cleansers remove dirt, sebum, and sweat and are better than soaps that tend to dry up skin. Always use soap-free cleansers with pH of 5�7 for acne-prone skin. Salicylic-acid-containing cleansers are recommended.
Lathering antiseptics, gels or creams may irritate acne-treated skin and should be avoided. Always remove make up with cleansing milk as against astringents. Steaming, scrubbing, and the use of exfoliants make acne worse and should be avoided.




Most topical anti-acne treatments lead to dryness of skin. It is ok to use oil-free moisturizers to soothe the skin but ensure that there is no comedogenic ingredients in the moisturizer.




Some acne treatments have the potential to cause photosensitivity. Most sunscreens are too oily for acne prone skin and tend to aggravate it. Ensure that the sunscreen is non-comedogenic.




Daily shaving can irritate the skin. An electric shaver may be better option than hand-held razor. A shaving gel or cream is better than shaving foam. And moisturizing lotion is better than conventional aftershave lotions.



Hair oils

Liberal use of hair oils or oil massages should be a no no as this can lead to pomade acne. Frequent shampooing is advised to keep scalp free of flakes.




While buying cosmetics, avoid those with fragrances. Water-based foundation is preferred over oil-based foundations.



Kaya recommends

Kaya Purifying Cleanser with Salicylic Acid gently cleanses and removes excessive oil, dirt and impurities. Purifying Toner is specially formulated for acne prone skin and is alcohol free so as not to aggravate acne while it exfoliates. While the aloe vera based Purifying Nourisher hydrates your skin.


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