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Acne Scar Removal by Laser Skin Resurfacing & Acne Scar Free Plus


Acne, if pricked often or left unattended, leave behind acne scars. These arise due to inadequate healing in the inner layer of the skin which deforms collagen and leaves behind depressions in the skin. They remain for life unless treated using a scientific approach.

Kaya offers advanced services like dermaroller, fractional lasers etc. to treat acne scars and to give you smoother, clearer skin.

Acne scar free plus

Kaya Acne Scar Free Plus uses the safe and highly effective Dermaroller to treat scarring. Dermaroller penetrates the upper layers of the skin at a depth of upto 1.5mm to stimulate collagen production. This helps in permanent reduction of the acne scar, making it less visible and giving you a smoother skin. The dermaroller creates micro-channels in the skin through which a combination of potent actives of Glutathione and Pure Vitamin C are infused into your skin to give it an overall rejuvenating effect. For optimal benefits, 4 sessions are required with a gap of 8-10 weeks between 2 sessions.

Before Acne scar free plus

after Acne scar free plus

Kaya skin resurfacing

Kaya Skin Resurfacing is a non-ablative fractional re-surfacing service that uses laser technology to penetrate deep into your skin, stimulating cells below the surface and re-modelling collagen. Though it works far below the skin's surface, our patented Sapphire tip ensures that the outer layers of your skin remain cool. The process is an effective and comfortable one. Your blemishes are removed from within to reveal your smoother complexion.

Before treatment

AFTER treatment


Subcision and punch elevation

Subcision and Punch Elevation are two safe and effective services with minimal downtimes. These are performed by our expert dermatologists. Subcision is a simple and safe office surgery procedure for treatment of depressed acne scars. Fibroid strands under the skin which pull the skin down leading to scars are broken. Once the strands are broken the depression is lifted. Further, new collagen is produced which fills the scar with new tissues, making it less visible and giving you smoother skin. Punch is used to elevate depressed scars reducing their visibility and making your skin look smooth. These services when combined with Kaya Acne Scar Free Plus and Kaya Skin-resurfacing deliver better results. Our dermatologists will understand your skin and recommend the best service to reduce the appearance of your scars.
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