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Black Peel Treatment For Acne & Scars


Pimples arise due to blockage, infection and inflammation of oil glands in the skin.

Kaya's Acne peels are specially designed to prevent pimples and give you a flawlessly smooth complexion. One of the unique peels offered at Kaya is Tri-Active Acne Clear System with Black Peel. This peel is a natural, organic, acetic acid combination peel that treats acne and other concerns related to it. It is the peel's anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial property that helps subside the redness quicker compared to normal peels. In addition to that, the peel contains Potassium Iodide that helps in healing wound faster, while Jasmonic peel ensures exfoliation and skin regeneration.

Natural organic peel fights acne bacteria

Jasmonic Peel exfoilates and regenerate skin

Potassium Iodide induces fast wound recovery

This in-clinic treatment comes with homecare products and medicines. Additionally, advice on diet and correct skincare is given so that you maintain and continue to get a clear and beautiful skin.
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