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Know More About Laser Hair Reduction Using ND-YAG technology



How Does Kaya Hairfree Gentle Touch™ work?

At Kaya, we use US FDA approved Nd-YAG Laser Technology which is highly safe for Indian type of skin. The laser light beam is absorbed by the dark color (melanin) of your hair. It works on your hair follicles without having any affect on the surrounding skin. The process reduces your hair from the roots and prevents further hair growth, thereby, giving you smooth, hair-free skin.


How Long Does It Take For All The Hair To Go Away?

Kaya Hairfree Gentle Touch is a Painfree Laser Technology which usually takes about 6 sessions each in a gap of 4-6 weeks for all your hair to respond. Human hair grows in 3 phases - Anagen (Growth phase), Catagen (Transition phase) and Telogen (Resting phase).At any given time, approximately 60-70% of hair is in growing phase. Laser light only works on hair follicle that's in the growth phase. The hair which is in the resting phase takes between 4 to 12 weeks to become active.


How Is Kaya Hairfree Gentle Touch Better Than Other Hair Removal Methods?

Kaya Hairfree Gentle Touch™ offers you multiple benefits.

•    Freedom from monthly waxing

      It helps you get rid of your monthly routine of waxing or shaving giving you freedom to wear what you want and whenever you want. So you are always ready to go.

•    Lesser or No in-growth of hair

      Since, laser light reduces the growth of hair, it also reduces the chances of one getting in-grown hair. Infact, Kaya Hairfree Gentle Touch™ actually helps treat in-grown hair.

•    Softer, Smoother Skin

      Most women state that their legs feel stubbly only 2-3 days after shaving and a few more days after waxing. Laser Hair Reduction will give you softer, smoother skin after each session.

•    Less Discoloration

    As a result of ingrown hair and irritation or itching after shaving, many women develop discoloration in skin. As you permanently reduce the hair growth, chances of getting discoloration also gets reduced.
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