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A Cleaner And Leaner You!

A Cleaner And Leaner You!

Pollution, heat, ageing – all these factors affect our skin more than we estimate. With time, women start observing side effects such as loose skin, cellulite, wrinkles and so on. Cellulite is the persistent fat on the body that causes dimpling of the skin. With time, cellulite can become permanent.  It is necessary to patch it before it leaves marks. Kaya has a wide range of anti-cellulite creams that contain anti-cellulite solutions, making the skin soft and glowing.

Kaya Brightening Day Cream

Kaya’s Brightening Day Cream 

is a unique potent whitening active-enriched day cream for lighter skin and improved skin texture. Its unique combination of various potent actives has been designed to moisturize and rejuvenate the skin. Fairness range also helps improve skin texture giving you visibly lighter and brighter radiance. Kaya Brightening Night Cream

Kaya’s Brightening Night Cream has been specially formulated to work at night for moisture balance and luminous skin. It makes the skin notably lighter, radical-free, and visibly soft.

Kaya Dramatic Renew Day Cream T

he Dramatic Renew Day Cream by Kaya is a potent formulation that helps stimulate the production of collagen, stimulates cell renewal and turnover, dramatically reducing the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and age spots. It is perfect for loose cellulite skin.

Skin Firming Treatments

As the years roll by, our skin loses its natural ability to regenerate tissue and its natural moisturizing ability begins to fail, making our skin lose its elasticity and sag. Kaya's Face Firming service offers a safe, effective and non-invasive method for restoring your skin's natural moisture, toning your facial muscles and lifting sagging muscles. Consisting of Fat Mobilization, Muscular Stimulation, and Lymphatic Drainage, Kaya's Face Firming Service first helps remove excess fat, then stimulates facial muscles similar to exercising in a gym and finally drains away the accumulated fluids leaving behind firmer, refreshed and rejuvenated skin. Focusing mainly on the face and neck area, the service specifically targets sagging cheeks, jawline, and chin-line, helping reduce fluid retention and reduces the excess adipose tissue deposits on the face. The service takes 60 minutes and usually, consists of 10 such sessions.  

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