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9 Skin Products You Need To Try This Navratri

9 Skin Products You Need To Try This Navratri

Girls, don’t you all want to look vibrant and beautiful this Navratri? The clothes are picked and the jewellery is matched but before applying the makeup, taking care of the skin is very important. With the following products you can get supple skin beneath the makeup to look radiant!

 Kaya Anytime Moisturizing Cream

Kaya Anytime Moisturizing Cream minimizes water loss from the skin and keeps it soft and supple. It is light enough to use anytime during the day and night and provides essential nourishment for the skin.  

Kaya Refining Mist

The Kaya Refining Mist is an alcohol free toner that helps detoxify skin and maintain its natural pH. Enriched with a unique combination of Purple Orchid and Japanese Cherry extract – one of the most potent anti-oxidants found in nature, it rejuvenates the skin and gives your face a natural glow and healthy colour with regular use.  

Kaya On The Move

Does being on the move bring your skincare regime to a halt? Not anymore! Consisting of 3 essential products - Soothing Cleansing Gel, Revitalising Tonic and Daily Use Sunscreen with SPF 15 - in a convenient, travel-friendly pack, Kaya on the Move is ideal for people on the go.  

Kaya Complexion Perfector Cream In Honey And Ivory

The Kaya Complexion Perfector Cream gives you flawless, glowing skin instantly by hiding imperfections. It not only improves skin appearance instantly but also gives prolonged benefits with regular use.  

Kaya Derma Stemness Reviving Serum

Kaya Derma Stemness Reviving Serum helps protect skin's regenerative cells. This intense oil-free formula contains Argan Plant Stem cells with advanced liposome technology that helps penetrate the active to the hard-to-reach skin's regenerative cells to accelerate the skin's natural repair process. Skin is said to be tightened, firmed and deeply rejuvenated with a youthful radiance. Use daily at night.  

Kaya Youth Defense Kit

Kaya Youth Defense Kit is a three-step advanced anti-ageing care to cleanse, tone and rejuvenate your skin giving you the youthful look you have always wanted.  

Kaya Flawless Day Cream

Kaya’s Flawless Day Cream is the perfect day cream for first signs of ageing. This easy  absorb cream contains plant extracts like Bistort herb and Grapeseed extracts, which penetrate deep into the skin, protecting it from the first signs of ageing like fine lines, open pores and age spots. Flawless Day Cream also boasts of SPF 25 with 4 star Boots rating, which shields the skin from harsh sun rays that cause skin darkening and ageing. Get the youthful, flawless appearance.  

Kaya Skin Recovery Night Cream

Kaya Skin Recovery Night Cream is a light cream that contains potent Skin Awakening Complex of multi-vitamins B3, B5, A. C and E. It is specially formulated to work at night to deliver anti-oxidant and skin renewal benefits when the skin is most receptive. It recharges dull and stressed skin to improve skin texture and enhance clarity.  

Need to be reassured? You can take a look at all the Kaya product reviews to help you decide which product would suit you best.  

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