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9 Bags Every Woman Should Have In Her Collection

9 Bags Every Woman Should Have In Her Collection

If you are unsure about which bags to have in your closet, we have a secret to reveal to you -  In reality you just need 9 bags!

These classic 9 picks are an absolute must have in every lady’s’ closet for they can spunk up your look on any and every occasion time and again.

Everyday Bag  

One of the must-have styles is the everyday bag you take to work, to lunch and to pick up your kids. It's your carryall bag. Because you will use this bag the most, choose a neutral colour like black, navy or brown. The best bag is one with numerous compartments to manage everything you carry.


A clutch is a clutch is a clutch and ladies it’s the most important bag from your must have essentials for life! It is suitable as an evening accessory to a cocktail dress, even though it is pint-sized. A clutch is a glamourous accessory that styles up even the plainest of evening wears.

The Tote

One of the most practical bags in your closet should be a large tote. The open-top bag is more useful than you think. Feel free to use it for office every now and then; plus it doubles as the best carryall ever. Go for a neutral colour and you will find a style that will get better with every use.

Weekender Bag

The canvas weekend tote is a relaxed, throw-everything-in bag for weekend trips plus you can throw it in the wash as well.

Sling Bags

For weekends and casual events, it's a treat to have a bag which is very light. The sling body style is perfect and leaves hands wonderfully free for more significant things like holding popcorns and candy at the theatre while that special someone is buying the tickets. 

Evening clutch bag

When an event calls for an elegant look, a small bling clutch is the perfect bag for a night out. It should be large enough to carry just your basics like money, ID, lipstick and keys. If you are only going to buy one evening bag, opt for something with shine, like metallic, sequins or metal details.

Heritage Bag This bag is usually a hand-me-down bag, given usually by a grandmother or mom. Usually passed down generations, it most probably is like a family tradition. Most of the bags are designer classics.

Boho Bags

It’s that kind of bag which screams fun time out putting a smile on your onlookers face. It also makes you feel perfect. Go for a fringe or plaid bags.

Colourful Bag

We are opposed to the saying, but like the idea, a colourful bag brightens even the darkest of days. Pop some colour to your boring collection of bags.  

So, these are 9 awesome bags you must have in your closet. What are your views? Do share them with us.

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