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5 Tips To Getting Rid Of Dark Spots

5 Tips To Getting Rid Of Dark Spots

Are you tired of covering your dark spots and uneven skin tone with make up? These dark spots on skin are caused by excessive production of a pigment called melanin that is found in the skin. The production of this pigment is activated on contact with UV rays of sun. Kaya gives you 5 tips to get rid of dark spots on skin.

Sun Protection

Protect yourself from direct sunlight. Avoid going out in the afternoon sun too much. Cover yourself up as much as possible if going out is absolutely necessary and apply sun-screen before heading out. This will help prevent hyperpigmentation and dark spots.


Go high on food rich in Vitamins A, C and E for improving the health of the skin and keep yourself hydrated as much as possible for maintaining the moisture content in the skin.

Kaya Insta Brightening Micro Mask+

Kaya Insta Brightening Micro-Mask+   is a light, silky gel, transparent rinse-off mask, enriched with a unique combination of botanical extracts including White Mulberry and Grape. This mask works with the unique Micropatch Technology which releases brightening actives into the skin and gives visibly brighter and radiant skin in just 20 minutes. This mask refreshes the skin and instantly reduces dullness to give brighter looking skin.

Kaya Brightening Night Cream

The Kaya Brightening Night Cream  is specially formulated to work at night resulting in visibly soft, luminous and fresh skin. This non-oily formula gets absorbed quickly and leaves a matte effect. Regular use gives you results in just 7 days* Whitening active Azeloyl glycine works to give you lighter and brighter skin. Antioxidant Vitamin C fights free radicals and improves skin texture. Imperata Cylindrica extracts help restore moisture balance.

Kaya Intense Clarity System

The Kaya Intense Clarity System  can be used for combination, dry and normal skin type. This is a 3-step solution for pigmentation-free, brighter and lighter skin. It contains a fairness face cleanser with brightening beads enriched with a combination of Vitamin B3, E and milk. It helps in gently exfoliating dead skin cells without leaving the skin dry. Pigmentation reducing complex and a nourishing day cream.

Want flawless, soft and luminous skin? Try the Skin Polishing And Brightening Using Microdermabrasion.

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