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5 Instagram accounts to follow for healthy food inspiration

5 Instagram accounts to follow for healthy food inspiration

We all spend precious minutes scrolling down Instagram on coffee breaks, on commutes and lazing in bed waiting to fall asleep, don’t we? Why not use this time for healthy inspiration, motivation and reaffirmation!

Instagram can inspire you to eat healthy, inform you about ‘healthy foods’, and make you fall in love with how beautiful healthy can look. Here’s our list of 5 Instagram accounts you have to follow for healthy food inspiration:  


Living healthy is made so much easier when you always have access to good, healthy ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Follow this account on Instagram if you want nourishing meal ideas that are full of life, colour and recipes that are as easy to cook as they are to savour and digest.  


To be a fit girl (or guy), you need to eat like a fit girl (or guy). The foodie behind @fitgirlfuel is what she eats, healthy! From homemade wholesome treats to culinary delights that are super photogenic, her images will make you want to whip something up in the kitchen and buy the healthiest yet tastiest food choices. She even inspires you to indulge once in a while without feeling guilty. WIN! Follow her now!  


Most people don’t eat well or healthy because they don’t have the time to plan, the motivation or the belief that healthy can taste delicious. But if you follow health blogger and nutritionist Jessica Sepel, you might know exactly what it feels like to eat, feel and be healthy. 80% of your weight loss depends on your diet. Keeping that in mind, give this nutritionist a shot. Follow her and you’ll find tons of delicious nutritional recipes to keep you motivated and healthy forever.  

@mynewroots I

f you can’t think out of the box when it comes to feeling healthy, and looking good, then let someone else do the hard work for you. Don’t rack your brain for delicious recipes, if you don’t want to. Follow @mynewroots and find beautiful pictures of inspiringly yummy healthy food. Find new ideas, hear about foods and combinations you wouldn’t have thought of in your wildest dreams to help start your fitness quest.  


Everyone seems to be going gluten free these days. From your favourite and fit celebrities to Anu aunty down the street. Don’t attempt to go gluten free unless you mean it and have someone to keep you in check day after day. Instead of fretting about how to eat yummy food that doesn’t have most of the things you love in it (gluten-ful), follow this plant-based, gluten-free blogger and green smoothie connoisseur to get healthy ideas. All it takes is an Instagram account and a couple of minutes to find these accounts. Follow them to start making your weekly diet and nutrition schedules. Make shopping lists and menus days in advance, follow through and supplement with your daily exercises and beauty regimens, and you’ll be well on your way to finding that covetable 'healthy glow'.

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