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5 Genius ways to hide pigmentation with makeup

5 Genius ways to hide pigmentation with makeup

​ If your spots and patches have become bolder, and you’re looking for a permanent solution, you can opt for Kaya’s skin whitening treatment. But if you just need a quick fix, then you can follow these easy makeup hacks. So buckle up as we teach you the tricks of the trade.

  1. Orange is the new nude

If you have an Indian skin tone like the majority of us, the regular concealer in the market won’t work for you. This might result in a greyer look and make your face look paler. To avoid this, you have to turn to orange-tinted highlighter or concealer to cover the dark patches. Dab the orange-tinted concealer over the pigmented area before layering it with a foundation that suits your skin tone. Once that’s done, you can set the makeup with the help of a mineral-based powder.

  1. Tan down, tone up

Back from that fun beach trip with your face and neck all tanned? You don’t have to wait weeks for the tan to fade away. Instead you can take use your makeup skills and look flawless right away. Clean your face thoroughly and moisturize it to keep it hydrated. Choose a concealer or foundation that’s lighter than your skin tone and spread it evenly across your face and neck. Use a makeup setting spray to finish the look.

  1. License to conceal

Though dabbing concealer on the highly pigmented spots would help you camouflage most of the darkness, the best way to refine your features would be to apply concealer below the lashliner in a triangular shape. This would conceal the dark circles, redness, and any spots below the lashline and around the cheeks. Slightly smudge and spread this concealer along the face to lighten up the spot. Read more about how to reduce dark circle at kaya

  1. Optimus primer

A lot of people choose to use foundation or concealer over primer because it’s a bit unheard of. But if you prefer going completely natural and want something light for your face, then priming will be a great option. It can come in handy if you’re trying to cover zits or even a tattoo. Take a small drop of the primer and gently rub it in your face, evenly.

  1. All about the pout 

A lot of Indian women have dark lips. You need to moisturize your lips before you apply a lipstick with a lip balm on it. Keep it on for a while and then gently dab the excess off with a tissue. Use a lip liner in the tone of orange or peach to conceal the dark spots on the lips and gently smudge it. You can then apply lipstick, and your lips will look fuller than they would have before. Use these 5 makeup tricks to hide spots and patches on your face. But for a permanent solution, it’s better to opt for a professional de-pigmentation treatment. Also read about Post inflamatory hyperpigmentation and hyperpigmentation treatment

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