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4 Ways Men Can Get Thicker Hair

4 Ways Men Can Get Thicker Hair

Hair loss can be a major setback in self-confidence and can be depressing for many men. A good alopecia treatment will help restoring your head to its former crowning glory. We bring to you products that are a sure hair loss cure that will aid in hair regrowth for men .

The Correct Way To Oil Your Hair

After oiling your hair, keep it in for at least half an hour before washing the oil away. This will give the oil enough time to act upon the root and promote hair growth for men. Do not keep the oil in your head for too long as that is also tricky for your hair roots. Use Kaya Scalp Nourishing Hair Oil to make your hair roots is a non-greasy, non-sticky oil that will make your hair up to 2 times stronger and healthier.

Shampoo Only The Scalp

Our hair follicles and skin pores on the scalp are more prone to hosting environmental pollutants and dust. In order to properly clean the grime build-up use Kaya Scalp Revitalizing Shampoo and let your scalp and hair breathe easy again.

Conditioning Is Necessary

Contrary to what most men believe, it is important to condition your hair no matter what the length of your hair is. Conditioners help in protecting the hair shaft from weather imbalance and breakage. Kaya Deep Conditioning Masque makes your hair up to 2 times smoother and shinier. 

Have You Heard About Hair Serums?

Most men don’t even know what a hair serum is. But fear not, as we tell you exactly how a serum helps you. Kaya Hair Protect Serum is a light, easy-absorbing serum which nourishes hair root and strengthens and restructures the hair fibers. It makes the hair less-frizzy and can give you a neat look all day long. It gives up to 30% damage reversal and improves the strength of hair.

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