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4 Things You Should Never Do To Your Pimples

4 Things You Should Never Do To Your Pimples

We know having that pimple must be an embarrassing and painful situation for you, si there are certain things you should absolutely never do to your pimples. And without keeping these don’ts in mind, a good pimple treatment is not effective enough. Getting rid of your acne is difficult but it is not impossible. 

Do Not Touch Your Blemish Too Much

We get too aware and conscious of our pimple and have a constant urge to touch it or poke it. Touching your pimple will cause the oils and dirt from the finger to transfer to the sensitive acne area. It will also cause the infection to spread and increase irritation.

Do Not Wash Your Face Repeatedly, With A Clarifying Soap 

It is a common belief that washing face with a clarifying soap is a good pimple solution. Using a clarifying soap repeatedly, will strip our skin of its natural oils and will lead to skin drying. The cracks in a dry skin can host more pimple causing bacteria. Hence, contrary to what is believed, oily skinned people aren’t the only ones who can get a bad case of acne. Do Not Pop Your Pimple This is something that is repeatedly told to you in every home remedy out there. Popping a pimple will not treat the acne completely. It is important to patiently wait for a pimple to subside on its own with medications. Popping a pimple will not only leave scars, but will also increase chances of spreading the infection to adjacent areas.

Do Not Over Apply Your Medicinal Cream

Many of us who want instant results, some of us even believe that over-applying a pimple treatment cream will give faster results. Whether you apply the cream more frequently, or too much in quantity, it will still yield the same result and in the same amount of time as it is supposed to. Clogging the blemish with over application can only worsen the condition and delay the healing process.

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