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4 Reasons Why More Men Are Opting For Laser Hair Removal

4 Reasons Why More Men Are Opting For Laser Hair Removal

Hair removal is something that everyone has to bear the brunt of in their lifetime. While some resort to waxing, others resort to shaving or epilation. But all these methods have their own share of disadvantages. On the other hand, laser hair removal offers a great deal of convenience to those who undergo the treatment. We’re going to list down 4 reasons why more people are opting for laser hair removal.


Contrary to the popular myth that laser hair reduction is expensive, it actually isn’t. When compared to the expenses that you incur over waxing in a lifetime, Kaya Hair Free Gentle Touch– Permanent Laser Hair Removal is actually more affordable. This is a reason why more people are taking the practical route towards hair removal.


Time is indeed the most valuable asset we have and that is why most people opt for this treatment. Waxing and shaving take up a lot of time. On the other hand, you can literally get one sitting of laser hair removal treatment done in the same time as your lunch break. Also, instead of the getting waxing done or using razor or epilator every month, you can get rid of unwanted body hair in just 6 sessions of Kaya’s Laser Hair Removal. Compared to your monthly waxing routine, this treatment is way more convenient! 

Long Term Solution

Waxing or shaving are hassles that you have to keep repeating all your life in order to be hair-free. More people opting for laser hair removal have realized that this is a more long term solution that offers them freedom from body and facial hair. With regular sessions and following instructions, Kaya laser hair removal offers a more permanent solution that you can rely on.

Safety & Customization

At Kaya, we follow strict hygiene and safety standards that we abide by for each customer. We also understand that each individual is different and hence, provide a customized plan for every one basis what your skin and hair requires. This helps ensure that the treatment you receive reaches maximum efficacy!

You too can get freedom from body and facial hair, book your appointment now with Kaya!

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