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4 Pigmentation Products For Men That Work

4 Pigmentation Products For Men That Work

With the rising levels of pollution and stress, our skin becomes dull and dry. Roaming about in the afternoon sun leads to skin discolouration and skin pigmentation. Men probably face this problem more than women do. So Kaya brings to you 4 pigmentation products that are the best treatment for pigmentation on face and the skin in general.

Refreshing Face Wash

The Kaya Revitalising Face Wash is a deep cleansing, energizing face wash specially formulated for men. It removes excess oil, dirt and impurities from the pores by a deep-pore cleansing action. Clean pores will make you feel instantly refreshed.

Cream For Younger Looking Skin

The Kaya Skin Enerigizing Cream is a potent multi-mineral active enriched cream to restore skin vitality and reduce effects of environmental assault. It helps stimulate cell renewal which helps in achieving youthful skin again. It also provides UV protection and helps in depigmentation of the skin.

Cream For Brighter Complexion

Kaya Multi-Action Revitalising Cream is a potent Vitamin-fuelled cream to boost skin health and to provide healthy, glowing skin for men. The Vitamins B3 and E help in restoring firmness and elasticity to the skin. Hydrates the skin to give it an even tone and rids it of excess deposits of melanin pigment on the skin. 

UV Protection Formula

Kaya Whitening Moisturizer With SPF 15 is a Vitamin C and SPF 15 enriched brightening moisturizer specially developed for tough masculine skin. Unique ingredients like Azelaic acid work to give you lighter and brighter skin. Up to 84.7% users have witnessed brighter skin tones after using this sunscreen regularly!

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