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4 Facts About Pigmentation

4 Facts About Pigmentation

Don’t we all get tired of getting tanned after going out in the sun for too long? Uneven, spotted skin can also cause a major setback in our confidence. We all want that eve-toned, spotless skin. Kaya Q-Switched Laser Service  is the perfect solution for those dark spots or freckles. Know more about skin pigmentation  with these 4 facts to choose a good course of treating it. 

It Is Caused By Sun Exposure And Hormonal Changes

Our body contains cells called melanocytes that produce a pigment called melanin that is released on exposure to sun. Hence sun damaged skin looks most pigmented. Hormonal changes can also occur because of hormonal changes and imbalance during pregnancy.

Spots Left Behind After Acne Are A Result Of Pigmentation

We have all had a bad acne problem at some stage in our lives. Remember those ugly dark spots left behind after a pimple? Those spots are also caused due to pigmentation in the skin beneath the pimple.

Pigmentation Can Occur In All Skin Types

It is a myth to believe that skin pigmentation cannot occur in all skin types. Whether dusky, olive, wheatish or fair skinned, pigmentation can occur in all complexions.

Birth Spots Are Also Skin Pigmentations

The unique identification marks that you have from birth, are also formed because of skin pigmentation.

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