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3 Products That You Need For Perfect Skin This Winter

3 Products That You Need For Perfect Skin This Winter

Christmas may be over but who said you need a special occasion to treat yourself to a much-needed gift that is sure to have your skin thank you a thousand times over? Curious much? Well then, sit back and relax as we walk you through all the products that will have your skin hydrated and happy this season.

1. Add A Little Brightness To Your Skin This Season With Kaya

Who doesn't like a clear, smooth even skin tone? Well, if you fall into this category and don't know how to go about bringing your skin back to its pre-tanned glory, then ‘tis the season to invest in a good brightening cream. Kaya's Brightening Day Cream is a great product to use for dry, combination and normal skin types. Created with a whitening active azeloyl glycine and antioxidant vitamin C, this product works to give you visibly while also fighting radicals to improve the overall texture of the skin. Not only that, but this day cream contains SPF 15 which helps protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun to avoid further tanning. The best part - all you need is a pea-sized drop for the magic to happen. Specially formulated to work at night, the Brightening Night Cream helps maintain the moisture balance in your skin and is perfect for combination, dry and normal skin types. This lightweight formula absorbs into your skin quickly and leaves you with a soft, matte finish.

2. A Touch Of Sunscreen To Your Wish List 

Fun fact - You need to apply sunscreen to your skin even during the winter. Don't let the cold weather fool you this Christmas and make sure that you add a good sunscreen to your shopping cart this year. The Daily Moisturizing Sunscreen SPF 30 is a broad spectrum moisturizing sunscreen which is sure to protect your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun. Even during the winters, sunscreen is a must-have on your skin every time you step out. Made from the best of ingredients, this product is perfect for dry and normal skin types. If you're worried about the sensitivity of your skin, then we suggest trying the Sunscreen For Sensitive Skin. This lightweight, non-greasy cream is specially formulated to protect sensitive skin from the harmful rays of the sun. The Ultra Light Aquagel Sunscreen SPF 25 is the one to use for combination and oily skin types. This sunscreen is a unique aqua-based gel which is designed to suit oily and combination skin. It is also recommended for acne-prone skin. Trust us – sunscreen is one product that your skin will thank you for adding to your shopping cart.

3. Give Your Skin A Soft After Feel This Winter

Who doesn't like to feel good throughout the day? As the day progresses, dust and grime get attached to your skin making it dull. Not only that but with the lack of moisture present in the air during the winter, your skin is prone to dryness. The Coconut and Tea Tree Nourishing Body Wash is the product that your body needs to be its best self this winter. Made with 100% virgin coconut oil and tea tree extracts, this body wash gently cleanses your skin and gives it a smooth, soft and supple after-feel. Not bad for a gift to yourself huh?

 Trust us when we say that with the products mentioned above, your skin will be happy all year round.

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