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3 Gym Buffs And How You Can Get Their Looks

3 Gym Buffs And How You Can Get Their Looks

We’re all guilty of signing up for a new gym membership every New Year. But let’s be honest, most of us don’t actually end up going to the gym! Well, we’re going to give you some serious gym inspiration with these Bollywood stars and their dedication to the gym. Check out how they flaunt their toned, well maintained body without the hassle of unwanted body hair.

Ranveer Singh


Image Courtesy: YRF

This actor is known for morphing into the characters he plays with élan. He also serves us fitness inspiration with his drool-worthy work out looks. Always the dapper gentleman, he carries himself elegantly without excessive body hair so that his abs receive the undivided attention, like they rightfully should!

Varun Dhawan

  Image Courtesy: Whoa.In Is there something this multi-talented star can’t do? We don’t think so! This hunk is known for slogging it at the gym come hell or high water. And the results show when he sheds the shirt on screen.

Siddharth Malhotra


Image Courtesy: Pinterest

This model turned star is a fitness freak and is very popular for his gym stories on social media. Once again, smooth, hair free skin is a must for this hunk when it comes to shedding the clothes during the gym session.

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