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3 Facials That You Need To Try Out This Season

3 Facials That You Need To Try Out This Season

Just like you, your skin is extremely unique and the probability of you facing unique skin problems is quite high. Having said that, every unique problem requires a unique solution.

So how do you go about taking care of your skin? Well, the first step is to get checked up by an experienced dermatologist of course!

Kaya Clinic has several certified and experienced dermatologists, who will not only diagnose the type and condition of your skin, but will also devise a unique plan to suit it and treat it. The dermatologist will first conduct a thorough check-up of your skin and consider your skin type and medical history. Based on these components, the dermatologist will then create a unique treatment plan for you. If you agree with everything mentioned above, you'll want to check out the 4 facials mentioned below which are sure to turn your skin from dull to delightful in a matter of hours.

1. Clear Skin Matte Therapy Facial

Is acne a concern of yours year-round? Well, with the Clear Skin Matte Therapy Facial, unclogging your pores will be the first thing struck off your to-do list this season. Specially designed by Kaya's dermatologists, this facial is one that all oily skin types should try. Enriched with the goodness of fruit, this four-step facial gently cleanses your skin and gives you a wonderful matte finish. The facial starts with a deep cleanse which is then followed by the application of an epidermis serum. This serum targets the root cause of the acne, which is bacterial growth, and helps in minimizing the skin’s pores. The ritual is then continued with lymphatic drainage which helps to infuse the epidermis serum into the skin. The facial is concluded with the application of a charcoal peel to remove blackheads and whiteheads from the skin giving your face a clean and matte finish.

2. Pure Sense Relaxing and Hydrating Facial

Need a little hydration in your life? Well, what if we said that with this facial you could walk out with moisturized skin and a relaxed mind? Interesting right! Well with this facial, that is exactly what you're getting. Infused with the goodness of grapefruit and macadamia, the Pure Sense Relaxing and Hydrating Facial is all you need for a happy mind and happier skin.

3. Kaya Gold Riche Face Therapy

Trying to turn back the hands of time on your aged skin? Well, this facial is the secret you need to achieve this goal. With gold being one of the most precious beauty ingredients, the addition of it to a facial makes it worth trying out. Known for its antioxidant properties, gold works towards slowing the depletion of collagen and reducing inflammation of the skin. This brings back the brightness to your tired and dull skin. Within this facial, a Luxuriant Pure Gold Based Mask that has 23-carat real gold dust is applied to the face reviving the skin and giving it a brilliant glow.

Do the facials mentioned above sound as good to you as they do to us? If so, what are you waiting for, get out there and book your appointment now.

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