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3 Commonly Faced Hair Problems Men Face & How To Tackle Them!

3 Commonly Faced Hair Problems Men Face & How To Tackle Them!

Hair loss, hair fall, breakage, dandruff, everybody around us is dealing with one problem or the other. If you feel your hair is starting to thin out, it’s best you visit your dermatologist as soon as possible. For all those men out there, if you are facing hair problems, we have got solutions for you right here.


Dandruff is probably the most common problem among not just men, but also women and children. The fear of dandruff makes you dread dark coloured clothes. Even though it’s natural and usually harmless, it can cause skin irritation.  Dandruff cannot be cured completely, but it can be controlled very easily. While washing your hair, rinse your scalp properly in order to get rid of all the flakes. Keep your hair clean and hydrated all the time. Use products that are made especially to fight against dandruff related problems. Most importantly, don’t be rough with your hair. Try the Kaya Anti-Dandruff Shampoo and Lotion

Hair Thinning

Hair thinning is a very commonly ignored problem among men. Overuse of hair gels and moisturizers triggers this problem even more. The thinning reduces the quality of the hair and may eventually lead to baldness or hair loss.  This problem can be tackled by taking simple precautions – don’t brush wet hair, avoid too much gel, oil you hair regularly and take care of your health.  Since this is a long process, you can also get a perfect hair cut to make your hair looks voluminous. 

Hair Loss

Hair loss affects almost one-third of the entire population. Receding hairlines and early onset baldness is a very common sight nowadays.  Hair loss is a deal breaker for many. The best solution to hair loss is to just take care of your diet and your hair. For more assured results, Kaya has come up with treatments for men who face se-vere hair loss. Kaya Hair Restore Expert is one such treatment that focuses on strengthening the hair root. Another one is the Hair Transplant in which hair follicles are transplanted from a donor area to a recipient area. These treatments are minimally invasive and show impressive results. 

The best way to prevent hair problems is to maintain a very nutritional and healthy diet. If your body is healthy, all your hair problems will be cured too. Give Your Hair The Nourishment It Requires With Kaya and see the difference.

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