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10 fail-safe herbal home remedies to get glowing skin

10 fail-safe herbal home remedies to get glowing skin

The USP of herbal products is that they are safe and are devoid of any side effects. Irrespective of your skin type, you can choose any of the herbal products for the skin that help to combat myriad skin issues like pigmentation, dark spots, acne, blemishes and scars. In fact, a good number of them can be found right in your kitchen shelves giving you potentially easy access to clear skin. Spices and herbs are not only food flavouring agents, but also double up as natural beauty agents. Fruits and vegetables too when applied as face packs, give natural glow to your skin; especially fruits like papaya, banana and strawberries. Here are 10 herbal home tips for glowing skin that are a sure shortcut to a healthier lifestyle.

  • Turmeric

Turmeric holds religious significance in India and is endowed with medicinal properties as well. The active ingredient in turmeric, curcumin contains antioxidants to fight off free radicals that can cause skin damage. Turmeric is an antiseptic as well, helping to treat skin infections. Turmeric, along with sandalwood, is applied on a bride during pre-wedding festivities to make sure that her skin glows on the wedding day. If you were on the lookout for beauty tips for fairness, the foremost tip would involve applying a paste of turmeric on your face on a daily basis.

  • Cinnamon

Cinnamon not only helps to lower your high blood pressure, it has antimicrobial and free radical eradicating properties that can help your skin glow. Acne is a major skin-related problem and acne scars can leave long-term blemishes on your face. Studies have shown that cinnamon arrests the growth of acne causing bacteria. A fantastic way to use cinnamon is to mix it with a little honey and use it a facemask. Leave the mask on for as long as you like, and you’ll definitely notice baby-smooth results the next day.

  • Ginger

Many health problems including skin problems arise due to improper digestion. The humble ginger root has excellent digestive properties. When your body is rid of the toxins that come from bad digestion, your skin naturally becomes healthier. Apart from ingesting ginger, you can also rub a fresh slice on your face to give yourself an even skin tone.

  • Lemon

This citrusy fruit not only refreshes you during hot summer days, but also acts as a skin lightening agent. Rub a slice of lemon on any scarring over your face and neck, and wash it off after 15 minutes for glowing skin. The cleansing properties of lemon help to deep clean the skin pores and remove the accumulated dirt.


  • Fruit and vegetable face pack

Tomatoes, papayas, grapes, and cucumber, when combined with glycerine and lime juice, impart a yummy glow to the skin. Using fruits and vegetables as a face pack exfoliate allows their nutrients to penetrate the skin and seep into the lower epidermal layers. In addition to applying the face pack, intake of fresh vegetables and fruits (whole or as juice) is an excellent tonic for your skin.

  • Honey

Honey is an excellent skin toner. A combination of honey with milk is the secret to many celebrities’ glowing skin, especially in winters when the skin becomes dry and chapped. Honey can be mixed with lemon and applied as a pack for a glorious facial glow. Image

  • Fennel

This sweet spice with carminative properties is a wonderful herbal remedy if you have sensitive skin. It reduces redness and irritation, commonly experienced by people suffering from acne.

  • Aloe vera

Aloe vera gel is an excellent moisturiser for the skin. During winters, the skin gets dry and dull. Applying aloe vera gel on the face moisturises your skin, making it soft and supple, making it glow despite the dull weather. Aloe vera is also an excellent way to treat skin pigmentation.

  • Sandalwood

In the hot summer months, sweat and grime make your skin oily. Exposure to the scorching sun can also cause sunburn and pigmentation. A paste of sandalwood applied daily will help cool your skin down, eliminating both pigmentation and prickly heat.

  • Fuller’s Earth

Commonly known in India as ‘multani mitti’, it helps to absorb the excess oil from the skin. A face pack combining fuller’s earth and rose water, effectively brightens the skin. This is also because rose water is a fantastic skin toner that keeps your skin healthy and glowing.

  • Milk

Washing your face with milk gives you an instant glow. You can combine milk with gram flour, or along with a fruit mash, for an even more effective treatment.

Follow the above glowing skin tips at home using natural and safe ingredients and you will find a bevy of people asking for your beauty secret. Herbal remedies are suitable across all skin types, and are also cost effective, enabling each one of you to benefit from the goodness of nature’s bounty.

Do also note that the above are herbal remedies that are designed for ongoing skin care and to alleviate cases of mild pigmentation. If you’re dealing with heavy pigmentation and severe wrinkles, you should know that Kaya Skin Clinic offers complete skin care solutions. Their rejuvenating serum for example, prevents collagen breakdown, stimulates cell renewal and moisturises your skin to always keep it glowing. Kaya Skin Clinic’s Skin Rejuvenation Therapy is also one of the safest procedures out there. It helps take your skin from blemished to flawless using Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections that effortlessly restore and repair your skin.    

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