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Kaya Acne Care Kit Review: Clear Skin Results

Kaya Acne Care Kit Review: Clear Skin Results

Acne is a problem that 8 out of 10 people face on an average. It is caused by trapping of sebum (oil) into our skin follicles due to clogging of the pore. And every individual who suffers from an acne problem, has anxiety and low self-confidence issues. Kaya Advanced Acne Care Kit  comes with an amazing combination of 4 products designed specifically for Indian skin and keeping Indian pollution levels in mind – Purifying Cleanser, Purifying Toner, Spot Corrector and Nourisher

This kit is a completely tried and tested formula. Still have some doubts? Take a look at these reviews from Nykaa to get a glimpse of the magic of this kit.

Great At Reducing Acne

Antara Shyam a Nykaa loyalist says, “This Kit is great! Completely takes out dirt and oil preventing new pimples, reduces the pores to find a healthy glow and hydrates the skin.”

Must Have For Oily Skin

Slow and steady wins the race when it comes to treating skin problems. If followed vigilantly, this product will completely transform your skin and get rid of the acne and Ambika Mishra agrees. She says, “I saw this product on sale on Nykaa and thought of giving it a try. Not all of a sudden, but it works. The cleanser is so good for oily skin and it doesn’t completely dry off my skin but still removes the oil.”

Bang For Your Bucks

But for some of us, it can be an instant hit! Ruchi Jha got immediate results and she couldn’t be more satisfied. “I have acne prone skin and have been using this product for some 1 week. I could see the blemishes and the scar marks have lightened within a week. It is working well for my skin.”

Great At Stopping Advancing Acne

Along with treating the existing acne, we also want to wipe it off forever and Rishanabh agrees. He says, “It stops growing acne, reduces the size of acne and also fades away the blemishes. Face foam is creamy. ND moisturizer does not make skin oily.”

Complete Skin Clean

Getting rid of allergies is an added advantage along with getting clear skin, if Noor siddiqui’s review is to go by. She says, “Within 1 week of using it, the number of pimples started reducing. I had multiple allergic pimples on my forehead, the spot corrector removed the allergy completely within a month and it never came back. My verdict: sensitive pimple prone skinned girls go for it.”

Get completely spotless skin with this Acne Prone Skin Care Routine. 

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