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How To Prevent Your Skin From Aging

How To Prevent Your Skin From Aging

Are you gripped by the fear of premature aging? Premature aging is caused by skin damage from pollution, stress and inconsistent weather around us. Although skin aging is inevitable, premature aging can be prevented. After all, isn’t prevention better than cure? Kaya tells you how to prevent skin aging.

What is Skin Aging?

Our skin is the first to show signs of aging. As we age our skin cells lose their regenerative property and so our skin starts looking dull, dry and appears to sag giving way to fine lines and wrinkles. Skin aging can be caused by biological factors like hormones and free radicals; environmental factors like pollution, harsh temperature changes and stress; and groove forming mechanical factors like squinting, smiling and frowning. 

Why Does Skin Aging Occur?

Majority of our skin is made up of cells called elastin and collagen. These cells give the skin its firmness. As we grow old, constant dynamic changes take place in production of these cells which lead to the skin becoming inelastic and loose. Skin aging  is also associated with loss of moisture in skin. Naturally available, Hyaluronic acid gives our skin its moisture content and strength. Loss of this component leads to dry and rough and eventually aged skin.

What Are The Signs Of Skin Aging?

Early Signs

1. Dry and rough skin texture

2. Dull skin with uneven skin tone

3. Visible Pores (leading to black and white heads)

Advanced Signs

1. Age spots

2. Fine lines / wrinkles

3. Volume loss

4. Sagging skin

Kaya Anti-aging Remedies

Kaya boasts of a wide range of best anti- aging products and services. These products and services are prescribed according to an individual’s skin type and condition. 

Kaya Absolute Repair Concentrate

Kaya Absolute Repair Concentrate  is a non-oily formula containing glycosaminoglycan (GAG) complex, which penetrates deep into the skin and prevents collagen breakdown. It moisturizes, protects and stimulates cell renewal and turnover, resulting in firmer skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines. Therefore this is the best anti-aging cream available today. Apply this to thoroughly cleaned face and neck and massage gently in upward and outward direction. 

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