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Prevent Premature Greying - Healthy Lifestyle & Hair Care

Prevent Premature Greying - Healthy Lifestyle & Hair Care

Avoid Overexposure To Heat

Too much exposure to heat removes moisture from your hair making it weak and dull. This leads to greying of hair. Avoid stepping out during peak sunny hours. To protect your hair, cover it with a hat or wear a scarf. To retain moisture in your hair, wash your hair with lukewarm water. Also bring down the usage of hot styling tools.

Have A Healthy Diet

To keep your hair strong and black, have a healthy diet. Lack of proper vitamins and minerals can weaken your hair. Take multivitamin capsules or vitamin B12 capsule to prevent grey hair. Consume foods which are rich in zinc, iron, folic acid and copper as it helps you to retain colour of your hair.

Stay Away From Chlorine Water

Public swimming pools are loaded with chlorine to keep the water clean. However, chlorine damages your hair. So, if you love to take a dip once in a while, make sure you cover your hair with a swimming cap. This will prevent the chlorine from coming in contact with the hair.

Stay Away From Chemical Hair Products

Hair products that are low in quality can damage your hair and cause early greying. They are loaded with harmful chemicals like ammonia which can weaken the hair. Instead, go for natural products which can help strengthen the hair.

Avoid Stress

Avoid worrying and have anxiety issues as it will affect your entire body. It makes your hair dull and damages it. To keep stress away – do yoga or exercise or mediate.  Massage your scalp every day to improve the blood flow in your head. This will also prevent greying of hair. If you smoke or drink excessively, it is advisable to stop it as it damages your hair.  
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