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Best Facial For Oily, Dry And Normal Skin Types


About Expert Beauty Facials

Looking at the never dropping pollution levels, exposure to sunrays and complex lifestyles that bother your skin, facials should become an integral part of every woman's skin calendar. It not just relaxes the skin but also exfoliates it, giving back its natural glow. Talk about the periodicity one should take a facial with, they are ideal once a month. This is because your stratum corneum (the outermost layer of visible skin) renews itself approximately every 28 days. In this time, your skin cells are constantly being replicated, so giving your skin a head start with a great facial helps your skin cells to replicate the healthier cells, thus giving you a better complexion.
In fact there are many more reasons. Like facials help increase circulation of the blood under the skin, allowing the skin's optimal health to facilitate the renewal of skin cells. They also decrease waste underneath the skin that can cause puffiness and ruddiness, they cleanse the pores on a much deeper level, provide deeper exfoliation than you can achieve at home and more importantly, facials also slows down the aging process. Facial is not a one hour miracle, but they do give your skin a fresh start to a healthier and balanced complexion. Regular facials will help you maintain optimal skin health.

Kaya's Approach To Beauty Facials

At Kaya, we have understood the needs of your skin and accordingly designed the facials that make sure your skin feels revived and breathes free. Our expert dermatologists understand the unique skin needs of individuals and have designed facials for each to deliver the desired results. What differentiates every facial is the amount of customization that goes into it with respect to theingredients and techniques required for each skin need.
In our clinic, you will experience that our facials are designed with the right skin expertise for every unique skin need. We put in-depth thought behind every facial. Keeping in mind different skin types and its needs, we design the right steps and techniques that work effectively without interfering with your experience of having a perfect facial. Since the skin is very sensitive, we make sure that all our facials are performed in the most hygienic environments by our trained beauty therapists.

Kaya's 3 Step Process to beautiful skin



the right skin type



the benefit that the skin needs



techniques & ingredients to give optimum results


Beauty Facial Services


Deep Skin Hydration

Kaya Hydrate And Restore Facial

Nobody wants a dull looking skin, isn't it? Dryness is one of the reasons that can cause it. But, you don't have to worry, since we have got you covered. With Kaya's Hydrate and Restore Facial, you can give your skin a refreshing look beautifully. The therapy begins with a unique hydra-exfoliation process that brings out a new and fresh layer. It is followed by the moisturizing effect of Hydra Nourishing Massage Cream, which is combined with the instant smoothening effect of the Enzymatic wax to help regenerate cells and enhance skin's strength. It gently transforms the skin with its melting texture, moisturizing the overall skin. The therapy ends with intense action of Vitamin-C rich Antox Vit-C Serum and ultra-fresh Rehydrating Mask that moisturizes even the most dehydrated skin, making it moist, supple and glowing.
Deep Skin Hydration - Kaya Hydrate And Restore Facial

Skin Eternal Purification

Kaya Antox Ultrasheen Therapy

Exposure to pollution and climatic changes attract a lot of dust and impurities that reduce the skin's radiance, making it look dull. Kaya Antox Ultrasheen Therapy works on these skin impurities with its unique 3 staged action i.e. Refresh, Renew and Reduce. Let your skin feel this multistage exfoliation, thermal therapy heating mask and clearer complexion through a variety of massage creams, serums and Vitamin-C containing complexion mask. What your skin experiences with Kaya Antox Unltrasheen Therapy is


Refreshed and Smoothened Skin
Witness the smoothness of your skin as it undergoes the action of velvet cleanser, get toned and refreshed under the action of rose water base, and then finally the skin gets resurfaced with the help of multi-exfoliating ingredients.


Renewed Skin Condition with Deep Pore Action
In this 2nd stage, the skin feels exfoliated with warm, thermal de-clogging action of Purepore Heating mask.


Revived Supple State of Skin
Lastly; your skin will feel the goodness of sea minerals through highly potent serum, perfect massage cream, Vitamin-C rich complexion mask and moisture restoring cream.
Once your skin is treated with Kaya's Antox Ultrasheen Therapy*, you will walk out with a pure, detoxed and radiant skin with reduced imperfections.
Skin Purification - Kaya Antox Ultrasheen Therapy

Kaya Signature Face Therapy – Ultra Rejuve

Your daily routine can make it difficult to nurture your skin with adequate nourishment, making your skin appear dull. Not to forget the stress that also shows up on the skin. With Kaya's Signature Face Therapy- Ultra Rejuve, you can revive and restore your skin to its natural rejuvenated state. The Ultra Rejuve therapy begins with skin cleansing and exfoliation using Microdermabrasion. After which all the free radicals are tackled with pure Vitamin-C serum, so that your skin can breathe free. And then, the beneficial Licorice and Arbutin extracts are infused in the skin, which passes on the desirable radiance into your skin. Once that is done, your skin is made to relax with a luxuriant and mood elevating pure Cocoa cream massage. The final touch is that of a Cocoa mask that imparts hydrating properties into your skin, making it look clear, bright and refreshed.
Skin Detox Facial - Kaya Signature Face Therapy- Ultra Detox

Marvelous Skin Rejuvenation

Kaya Signature Face Therapy – Ultra Detox

For your skin to fight daily pollution and external impurities it is exposed to, it needs some strong detoxification. Kaya Signature Face Therapy'sUltra detox is the answer. It is designed to relax the skin and clear it of the impurities. This therapy uses jet spray technology that drains off the toxins and gently exfoliates your skin making it feel fresh. Skin-harming free radicals are then put to rest with a Vitamin-C anti-oxidizing potion. After which, Mulberry extracts are infused into the skin to bring out its natural glow. The treatment ends with a relaxing massage with earthy Neroli and fruity Patcholi essential oil cream which relaxes the skin with a fragrant treat, leaving it in a pure and relaxed state.
Skin Detox Facial - Kaya Signature Face Therapy- Ultra Detox

Mesmerizing Age Reversal

Luxe Lissant Beauty Ritual By Biologique Recherche

We have collaborated with Biologique Recherche, Paris, the renowned French luxury professional brand to introduce Luxe Lissant Beauty Ritual, Kaya’s exclusive luxury facial treatment.
What is Luxe Lissant about?

Luxe Lissant Beauty Ritual 3-dimensional treatment leaves skin visibly smoother and de-stressed. This unique hydrating treatment stimulates the skin’s natural defence system and thus helps you attain beautiful, healthy looking younger skin.

How is it different from other facial treatments?

The secret to this treatment’s superior efficacy is the marriage of sculpting movements and pulsing strokes perfected by Biologique Recherche, Paris, combined with concentrations of active ingredients that renew and rejuvenate the skin.

What is used in Luxe Lissant which makes your skin youthful?

This product is rich in Omega 3, Hyaluronic acid, and Silk proteins. The treatment leverages these powerful ingredients for their hydrating, renewing, and protective properties while simultaneously deploying unifying and calming qualities found in royal jelly, squash extract, and milk proteins.

What treatments are included in Luxe Lissant?

The 90-minute facial starts with a signature lymphatic drainage, to stimulate the epidermis and includes signature lifting, and firming massage followed by various ingredients. The rebalanced skin is then ready for the application of the restructuring treatment which is completed by a modulating massage. Post-treatment results include firmer, clear, and more even-toned skin.

Exclusively available at 14 Kaya clinics across the country.
Luxe Lissant Beauty Ritual By Biologique Recherche

Kaya Derma Regen 4 Layer Therapy

Experience 4 layers of pure, fresh European seaweed that rejuvenate, tone and help firm the skin. Seaweed naturally contains essential fatty acids which help in infusing moisture into the skin. The Kaya Derma Regen 4 Layer Therapy is a 4 step therapy that relaxes, moisturizes, hydrates and protects your skin.

Layer 1:

Seaweed filtrate is a concentrate of freshly-harvested seaweed. It softens the lines, adds moisture and helps to rebalance skin tone.


Layer 2:

The Kaya Signature Massage with a creamy hydrating formula enhances skin elasticity.


Layer 3:

The fresh seaweed mask gives the cooling and soothing action that hydrates the skin, further improving its tone and clarity.


Layer 4:

Mineral mask is the final touch. It creates its own gentle warmth to activate the properties of the seaweed mask beneath it.

With Kaya's Derma Regen 4 Layer Therapy your skin will experience a drastic difference as it will feel toned and rejuvenated. (Cosmopolitan UK called the Repechage 4 Layer Facial "the best Facial of the Century". It is now offered at Kaya Skin Clinic as the Derma Regen 4 Layer Therapy)*
Skin Rejuvenation - Experience The Kaya Derma Regen 4 Layer Therapy

Kaya Youth Fill Therapy

You may try all possible options to cover up the wrinkles, but these early signs of ageing do show up. At Kaya, you can give your skin an intensive anti-ageing facial that will help correct these early signs of ageing by covering up fine lines and wrinkles. Going forward it will also protect and control ageing concerns which your skin might have to suffer in future. Kaya Youth Fill Therapy is an exclusive hour long therapy that offers the best anti-ageing solution, scientifically and naturally. Experience a micro-circulatory massage of youth renewing Argan Oil which is extracted from the oldest and rarest plant species in the world. The oil essentially nourishes the skin, increases the cell turnover and provides an anti-oxidant benefit that gives the skin its younger self. This session is then followed by an Okra extract mask which moisturizes the skin beautifully. The hour long session ends with a unique marine-origin wrinkle-filling concentrate which help diminish the fine lines and wrinkles from the skin, boosts collagen level so that your skin feels smooth and toned.
Anti-Aging Facial - Kaya Youth Fill Therapy For Wrinkles And Early Signs Of Aging

Delightful Skin whitening


A dull and uneven skin tone is like a veil over your face, covering your glow. All of us have those days when our skin looks tired, dull, and uneven. The Kaya Luminous Radiance Therapy effectively nourishes and hydrates, giving an instant brightening effect. This therapy speeds up the rate at which your skin would normally renew, leaving you with instantly soft, smooth, even toned and hydrated skin. This is a 4-step procedure that includes skin exfoliation with the help of Microdermabrasion, a unique and effective polishing technique. There is a seamless exfoliation of dead skin resulting in smooth and soft skin. This is followed by an intense facial massage with a skin care cream comprising of collagen and elastin, which not only relaxes and rejuvenates you, but also helps improve blood circulation resulting in a clear and improved skin tone. The application of the ‘Thermal Mask’ gives a gentle warmth to your skin leaving it bright and glowing instantly. This facial therapy is the ultimate brightening solution to restore hydration and vitality in the skin. Your quest for soft, smooth and even-toned skin is a very short journey with the ingenious Kaya Luminous Radiance Therapy.
Skin Whitening Therapy - Experience The Kaya Intense White Luxe Therapy For Skin Whitening

Kaya Intense White Luxe Therapy

Sunrays may be good for your skin, but as we know it, excess of everything is bad. When your skin, is exposed to sun for a longer time, it gets damaged due to tanning or affect the sensitive pigmentation cells. Hence causing your skin to look darker and affecting its long term appearance. Kaya Intense White Luxe Therapy, gives your skin the pampering and care of its needs. The benefits of this therapy can be experienced in 2 stages- REDUCE: Prolong exposure to UV rays can cause tanning and pigmentation to your skin. To reduce that, this therapy uses Remy Laure Peeling Cream that exfoliates the skin and reduces tanning with its dry chafing action. In addition to that, Arbutin extracts are applied to relieve the skin from the damages in order to create a visible lightening difference. CONTROL: At the second level, this therapy controls the impact of melanin production. A highly potent skin brightening cream and Vitamin-C rich brightening peel off mask is applied in multiple stages. It gives a uniform skin tone throughout the skin. Rediscover brighter and moisturized skin minus the effects of the sun. Say goodbye to sun-affected skin with the Kaya Intense White Luxe Therapy*.
Skin Whitening Therapy - Experience The Kaya Intense White Luxe Therapy For Skin Whitening


This effective therapy at Kaya vanishes all the oil traces from the skin's surface, erases all the impurities and eventually soothes the skin. It uses botanical extracts like Kudze, Chamomile Flower extract and Burdock Root extracts. These extracts scale down the sebum levels and removes impurities. Similarly, if you have an oily or acne prone skin, the service uses gentle manual exfoliation with Vanilla Exfoliating Jelly that contains Alginate (extracted from brown seaweeds), proceeding with an infusion of Kaya Comedone Control Serum that helps controlling blackheads and whiteheads with a soothing effect. Lastly, the Purifying Peel off mask, a special formulation of seaweeds Algin and Clay, is used to seal the moisture, leaving the skin pores tightened. And that's it, enjoy an oil-free skin that not just feels fresh but also glows beautifully.
Facial For Oily & Acne Prone Skin - Kaya Clear Fresh Oil Control Therapy

Purepore Clear Skin

The Kaya Purepore Clear Skin is designed to Target & Care the causes of oil and acne prone skin in order to give facial benefits. It tackles the acne-prone skin by dealing with the root cause of it, targeting the bacteria that reside within the skin pores. This facial is conducted through an effective skincare process where the facial skin is purified with toxins, conditioned & moisturized to calm and soothe. The benefits of this therapy evolves with each stage that it goes through-
  • Cleanse: Anti-oxidant synergistic tea blend soothes the inflamed skin
  • Target: Your skin is massaged with a special serum to prep for extractions
  • Desincrustation Mask: It is applied to the face and neck, followed by a careful extraction process
  • Tones: Salicylic acid helps control excess oil and unclogs the pores. Synergistic tea blend and powerful anti-oxidant formula soothes and calms the skin
  • Sea Mud Mask: It does deep pore cleansing. The mineral-rich sea mud & ichthammol absorbs oil without drying out the skin, preventing future breakouts
  • Calming Mask: Contains both Buttermilk and a calming synergistic Tea Blend that cools and soothes the skin
  • Hydration: Porphyridium Complex (micro alga) helps control excess oil, giving your skin the shine while reducing dryness and flakiness. Zinc Oxide provides daily protection, while matting the skin and reducing redness
This extensively purifying service cleanses & soothes the skin, giving it a new freshness.
Acne Facial - Kaya Purepore Clear Skin Therapy For Acne Prone Skin
Beauty Facial

Soothe and Balance FACIAL

What makes the skin balanced is when it looks calm and has a healthy glow. With Kaya's Purify and Balance facial, your skin gets exfoliated with Micro Derma Abrasion, and the active elements of Purifying Enforcement serum provide your skin with essential nutrients. These elements give your skin the right balance, a healthy look, radiance and complexion. In addition to that, the facial also introduces your skin to a soothing element with Grape Fruit Seed extracts based cream. After which, your skin's mild irritations are cured with Tea Tree Oil Mask, a brilliant facial purifier. Towards the end, your skin not just feels revived but it also gets purified, calm and radiates a healthy glow.
Soothe and Balance FACIAL

Kaya Lighten and De-tan Facial

Extreme exposure to sun can take a toll on your skin. With Kaya's Lighten and De-tan facial, you can bring your skin condition to normalcy. This facial starts with a superior exfoliation session with Micro Derma Abrasion and then the free radicals of skin are taken off through a complete De-tan process. In this process, the skin soothes with Aloe Vera Gel's restoring and moisturizing properties, followed by application of Vitamin-C enriched Antox Vit-C serum. Lastly, the highly effective Kaya Advanced Facial Mask with BioWhite is applied to the skin. This lightens the complexion of the skin, giving it a beautiful glow that is free from the effects of sun.
Anti-Tan Facial - Kaya Lighten And De-Tan Facial For Tanned Skin

Kaya De-pollute and Nourish Facial

Kaya's De-pollute and Nourish facial helps keep your skin healthy from the effects of pollution. This therapy begins with hydra-exfoliation, followed by freeing of the skin radicals through a complete re-mineralization process. In this process, the skin is made to soothe with Aloe Vera Gel's restoring properties. The process continues with application of Vitamin-C enriched Antox Vit-C serum. The process ends with a facial mask that contains a highly acclaimed miracle fruit, Acerola. What makes the fruit efficient for skin care is its high antioxidant and Spirulina content, which also makes the fruit rich in Vit-C, A, B1, B2 and B3. It protects, hydrates, and takes care of the overall re-mineralization of your stressed skin. Once the facial is done, you will notice that your skin is re-energized and is glowing with an even tone.
Kaya Depollute And Nourish Facial
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