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Botox Treatment for Wrinkles

Fine Lines and wrinkles

Wrinkles are lines caused when we contract facial muscles to express emotion. Wrinkles can be classified into two types - dynamic and static wrinkles. The wrinkles formed when we show expressions are called dynamic wrinkles. E.g. when we smile or frown. When we are young, our skin springs back to its initial position after a facial expression. But as we grow older, dynamic wrinkles remain on the skin to form static wrinkles: they are the wrinkles and folds that are present when the skin is at rest. Indian women are blessed because wrinkles arrive a little late in their ageing cycle, but those with lighter skin tones see more sun damage, which accelerates the development of wrinkles. Wrinkles appear because natural substances such as collagen (the major natural protein in skin), elastin (the protein that causes tissue to stretch) and Hyaluronic Acid (which gives skin its volume and moisture content) decrease with age. This together with environmental factors such as exposure to sunlight, smoking and stress, all continue to the creation of wrinkles and folds. Fine lines and wrinkles are advanced signs of ageing and cannot be treated effectively with products. What you need is advanced services and technologies to take care of these concerns. Fine lines and wrinkles can be treated effectively with Kaya's range of dermal fillers and other advanced services along with efficacious home care products to enhance your skin's beauty. Botox® reduces the appearance of dynamic wrinkles. It is a safe, quick and proven solution that gives you visibly younger looking skin in the same time you take to have your lunch. Botox® Treatment works simply by relaxing the tiny facial muscles that cause expression lines, leaving your skin smooth and unwrinkled. As the lines gradually fade out, Botox® also prevents new creases from forming. Botox® is a safe US FDA approved procedure, administered by trained dermatologists at Kaya. The results are so natural, that the secret stays with you! You will see the results immediately and it lasts up to 6 months.
Botox Treatment Results on Upper Facial Line
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